Zongheng Bihai vlog: Bitcoin rose for five weeks on November 21, opinions are for reference only

Good afternoon everyone, this is Brother Hai’s Bitcoin Wealth Channel. Today we will continue to take a look at the trend of Bitcoin. The weekly market has achieved five consecutive positives, which means that the price has been rising for a month. The price collected last week It is a high cross star. Therefore, there will definitely be a certain correction in the future. At present, the weekly support can be focused on 34000. This does not mean that we can be bearish on the trend, because the upward trend of Bitcoin is very clear. On the sky chart, the market has seriously shown a top divergence pattern, which means that Brother Hai can directly set the tone. Whether it breaks through the previous high or falls directly, there will be a certain degree of decline. Below, you can see the support below 35,500. On the short-term 4h chart, the previous high point of 37900 has not been effectively broken, and the bottom support has not gradually moved upward. It remains around 36700, and if 37300 is broken below in the short-term, there will be a certain downward trend in the future. space. In terms of overall operation, it is recommended to pay attention to short selling at 37500. Suggestions are for reference only!

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