Zhou Yanling: How does a mature trader view the changes in the market trend?

Zhou Yanling: How does a mature trader view the changes in the market trend?

In this article, I will tell you what I have to say. Usually I will tell you that the operation is mainly based on technical analysis and supplemented by news, and any details in the process are the key to success or failure, whether it is direction, point, time. , positions, stop-loss and take-profit point settings, and mentality are all indispensable, but the most important one of these is mentality management. In the usual communication with many currency friends, Yanling found that many people often have These phenomena: It is clear that a good order is right, but if you make a profit, you always think that you will make a little more profit and then put it out. As a result, it turns into a loss order if it does not appear. , the result has become a long-term pain in resisting orders; orders and other similar situations, this is a typical common problem for many traders, in fact, if you think deeply, this is your own greed, unable to control yourself, and unable to manage your own heart and mind. Therefore, the hands cannot make timely and correct operations, so that the last order loses a lot of the previous labor results. So how do we avoid or correct some similar problems in our daily operations?

Below, Yanling will briefly share with you some of my experience and methods over the years, so that you can always remind yourself to train and improve some of your bad operating habits during daily operations, so that you can become more rational and systematic in operation. , so that we can walk more and more steadily, farther and farther on this road.

First of all, we should not be confused when doing investment. We must know how to make money and how to lose money. Only by finding the reasons can we learn from methods and lessons; otherwise, your final result will definitely be eliminated by this market; and Yanling wants to ask everyone a very important question: Do you or your current instructor have a relatively mature order model, if not, what do you use to ensure your long-term profits? This is the problem of the trading system that I often emphasize. Without a detailed trading plan, you will panic when you encounter unexpected situations, and it is impossible to achieve the desired profit goal; this market is ultimately a market that eliminates retail investors. If you don’t like it Follow the guidance of professional analysts, or make orders based on your own feelings. Na Yanling suggests that it is better to withdraw funds as soon as possible. The sooner the better, in order to achieve the purpose of stable income, you must know professional trend analysis and institutional trading ideas. Because this market is a game, and if someone wins, someone will lose. Our opponents are a large number of other traders and institutions. Only by knowing ourselves and knowing our enemies can we be victorious in a hundred battles. There are only a few reasons for the loss: mentality, technical ability, operating habits (including position control, stop loss and profit, frequent operations, etc.), so a good platform and a good leader are crucial.

Usually, many coin friends who come to consult me ​​by private message often ask a question: “Teacher, how many orders do you usually have every day”. What I want to say is that if you want to live a stable and long-term life in the currency circle, you must understand that this is all about watching the market, and what you do is accumulation; you don’t need a lot of orders every day, just accuracy; It is a good result to seek the bait of fish every day, and it is a good result to catch the big fluctuations of the day. It is also a very important point of the survival rule of the currency circle to stop when enough is enough.

Many people are too easily confused and forget rational thinking and planning, such as “shock”; everyone knows about shock, so what is the code word derived from shock? Many people just don’t understand; the secret language is—first: shock, range operation, sell high and buy low; don’t chase up and sell down; second: shock, there is no direction for the time being, no longs, no shorts, the trend needs to break the watershed Suppression or support; third: shock, that is, the main thing is to take pockets and build positions in batches; this is the code word; but many people just don’t understand it; another example is the trend, what is the code language of the word trend—first: you You need to go with the trend; second: you can’t go against the wind unless you find a good position and have a solid trading foundation; third: follow the trend, add positions or continue to open new positions; don’t grab the top (bottom), etc.; Another example is the golden fork of the indicator. What is the code word for the golden fork of this indicator? ——First: the golden fork needs more; second: the golden fork cannot be empty. Third: The golden fork needs to pay attention to the golden fork space behind, the golden fork speed and so on.

Having said so much, I just want to tell you that thinking is our foundation. You have to think a lot. Everything and everything is basically the same; put it in the society, say a simple example – the leader said, “Go and make a cup of tea, this means that you don’t come back when you go”; the leader said “make a cup of tea, this is the You go and make a cup of tea and bring it”; this is a small example, and it is also a wisdom; so, when we go to see the plate, you should not simply look at it, let alone feel it, the feeling is the most unreliable, it is the best It can be confusing to make you succeed a few times, but the final abyss is unbearable for you, so you must do rational thinking and planning in trading; however, until today, many people still know but cannot do it. For example, someone asked yesterday, “Can a long order be held, can a long order still be held, and so on, this is the meaning of the word shock without understanding”, but in fact, you should know it as long as you have read the previous article by Yan Ling What is going on in the market today? Therefore, the revolution has not yet succeeded, and comrades still need to work hard.

In addition, to say something old-fashioned but really useful, a mature trader should try his best to make decisions calmly and rationally in the face of losses. He will not let emotions and emotions affect his trading decisions. He can rationally and objectively make decisions. When dealing with market fluctuations and operations, don’t be mad at profit, don’t be afraid of loss, be overjoyed, be angry, be outraged, be heartbroken, be afraid; Warren Buffett once said: “Successful investment does not require Excellent IQ, unusual business opportunities and inside information require a framework for making investment decisions full of wisdom, and don’t bring personal emotions into this framework.” Buffett’s mentor Graham said the same aphorism : “People who can’t control their emotions don’t profit from investing!”

There is no unsuccessful investment, only unsuccessful operations. Zhou Yanling has been involved in the financial industry for more than ten years. He has rich practical experience and unique trading concepts. We have the world’s top trading system. Here, research on the field of currency investment. For many years, he is good at combining technical and information-based operations, focusing on capital management and risk control, with a stable and decisive operation style, and has been recognized by the majority of investment friends for his easy-going and responsible character and sharp and decisive operation. If you want to learn more about real-time investment strategies, trading techniques, operating skills, and K-line knowledge, you can follow the teacher (public account: Zhou Yanling)

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