Yueying: Yesterday, the long orders made perfect gains and the pie continues to be bullish. Auntai retreated and was bullish at the same time in 1978.

There are infinite possibilities hidden in a person’s self-discipline. The degree of your self-discipline determines the height of your life.

There are no shortcuts in life, but every step you take counts.

The more diligent you are, the harder you work; the more self-disciplined you are, the better you are. I am Zhou Yueying. I focus on the trend analysis of mainstream currencies and use my own technology to give insights into the market.

The first official account. Friends who want to verify their strength, follow the public account at the end of the article to find Yueying. The circle of friends has occasional current price strategy suggestions every day. The pie shown above was more than 36,800, and the concubine was more than 1,997. The transaction was accurate. The high point of the pie was around 37,780, and the concubine was 2,068. The multiple orders were received perfectly. Let’s take a look at today’s sharing! !

Big pie technical analysis————

Looking at the daily line of the market, K closes the cross star. The market continues to run above the 7-day moving average. The Bollinger Bands are slightly open. The short-term support is in the mid-rail area. The MACD fast and slow lines cross at high levels and run downward. The volume column shrinks and KDJ extends upward. Pay attention to the 100 value. Nearby resistance VR indicator is consolidating around the 150 value. In 4 hours, last night’s retracement did not fall below the middle rail. The Bollinger Bands are open and the market is running below the upper rail. The middle rail and the 30-day moving average are still short-term supports. The MACD fast and slow lines are showing signs of turning and the volume column is shrinking. The KDJ third line runs downward and the VR indicator consolidates near the 180 value. Overall, the market structure has not changed, and the lows will continue to move upward in the short term. The support below has not been broken, and the resistance around 38,000 above has not been broken. Therefore, if the resistance is hit again in the short term, the probability of breaking is very high, and it is still possible to return. The main thing is to be long. As the low point below moves upward, the short-term support position also moves a little higher. See short-term suggestions.

Big pie short-term strategy recommendation: more than 36,950. (Start the strategy and take control of the profits by yourself)

Auntie’s technical analysis————

My wife made a retracement adjustment at 2068 yesterday, which is also the resistance level of the downward trend line and needs to be focused on. Yesterday’s article also mentioned the top resistance around 2070, and the market went beyond expectations. Today we also need to pay attention to this resistance level, and a breakthrough can continue the bullish position. The technical structure of Auntai is still the same as that of the big pie, which is biased towards the long side, but the retracement is stronger, so today’s long position needs to be adjusted compared to yesterday. Check out today’s short-term advice.

Auntie’s short-term strategy suggestion: more than 1978. (Start the strategy and take control of the profits by yourself)

——I am Zhou Yueying, a teacher who focuses on technical analysis. If you have any questions about operations or trends, you can communicate with me to learn how to operate! Communicate together and profit together!Public account: I am Zhou Yueying V blog: Financial expert Zhou Yueying

There is a delay in article publishing and review, and the market situation changes rapidly. The above suggestions are for reference only and are at your own risk! The market is changing every day, and all I can do is use my many years of practical experience to give you some weak help to keep your investment decisions and business management on the right track. Meeting is fate. I am a person who believes in fate. If you have any doubts in the currency circle, you can pay more attention to Zhou Yueying. I believe it will be helpful to you.

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