Working for the DAO: How to become a full-time DAO contributor?

Original title: “Working for DAO”

Welcome to DAO life! In this edition, we explored how to become a full-time DAO contributor. If you have friends who want to know how to choose a DAO, how to build a reputation or how to get paid, we will provide you with the answer. Who knows, you can even build a reputation through your on-chain resume!

Next, we share the highlights and thought fragments of the latest DAO ecosystem, so that you can easily eliminate noise and understand the latest situation in the DAO world.

This is the current state of DAO.

What are the required skills, how to start, and how to get paid!

In the future, ordinary people may not work for traditional companies or companies. The future of work is now being created, through the emergence of new coordination, production and compensation methods, realized by a network formed around blockchain and encryption protocols. This transformation has begun to open new ways of generating income for individuals around the world, and because of its rapid growth, it is creating conditions for the transfer of value from traditional organizations to DAOs.


Choose DAO

A decentralized autonomous organization is an Internet-native organization that is collectively managed and owned by its members. DAO provides the tools needed to effectively organize people and resources so that everyone can access them. DAOs come in many different shapes and sizes: DAOs manage encryption protocols, make venture investments, provide services to other DAOs, purchase NFTs, etc.


Although there are multiple DAOs, they all share the same elements that distinguish them from traditional organizations and enable them to be open, accountable, and equally distribute the value created within them.

DAO’s work is the future

Think of the DAO as an economy that is essentially open for people to participate, mixing and matching their talents and skills, allowing them to work while assigning ownership. The DAO expands the quality and number of opportunities available to each participant (core contributors, bounty hunters, token holders, visitor passes, etc.).


Picture from Aragon

How to participate

There is no specification when joining DAO. Everyone has a different way of doing things. Once you find a DAO that really interests you and you think it is a good match, you will want to be familiar with the culture or atmosphere of the community. The best place is where the DAO members are most active. Join a community conference call, newcomer meeting, or guild meeting and start learning!

Atmosphere check

Go to the community you are interested in and see what the community is all about. Check their atmosphere, look around, understand what the community is trying to achieve, and try to understand why people are there. Choosing a DAO to participate and work for should be a deliberate process, similar to choosing a job IRL. Be prepared; it takes time and energy!

Once you find a DAO that matches your values ​​and interests, please continue to introduce yourself! Do not think too much. The people who contribute to the DAO are the friendliest people in the crypto ecosystem. They are always happy to connect with new friends and show others their work. Share your background, relevant work experience, and motivation to join the DAO. After the introduction, it is important to actively participate, attend meetings, keep up with the development of DAO, and share your thoughts and findings with your peers.

This is just the beginning of your DAO journey! The transition from being part of the DAO to working for one person requires time, energy, and consistency. Contributing to DAO is to create value through participation, assume ownership and responsibility, and add value to DAO.

How to contribute?

When I joined BanklessDAO in September this year, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information, numerous guilds, and complicated daily activities. I instinctively joined the guild that best suited my education and skill combination. After a week of getting acquainted with the Discord channel and Notion page, I participated in my first community conference call, and the following week I participated in the weekly meeting of the Translation Association. Soon after, I started translating Weekly Rollup and Decentralized Arts, and later that month, I started distributing them to the Greek-speaking Bankless community. For me, this is a great opportunity to find my own way to bypass the DAO and start contributing. Everyone’s journey in DAO is different and unique!


You may not be able to start contributing to the project right away. Start by having a meaningful conversation with your colleagues in the dedicated Discord channel. Carry out these activities frankly and openly, adding value to processes such as governance, membership, roles, and procedures. The key to becoming a DAO contributor is to declare your availability and be responsible for the projects or tasks you can perform and add value. This process is very different from working in the corporate world. In DAO, no one will give up a job, you must be proactive in finding meaningful work. Once you find it, you don’t need to ask for the consent of others, and you don’t need to spend a few hours to justify your actions. You just need to present your ideas at the meeting, write a small forum post, reach a consensus in the group, and you can start. Volunteer service, doing things well is the only way to go ! Don’t hesitate to participate.

The DAO needs members to take the lead, propose new projects, initiate new initiatives, and solve problems along the way in an inclusive way.

Most of what happens in DAO is done through collaboration, because decision-making power is decentralized. Everyone can express, define and pursue their vision, and leadership will appear in those who find gaps in organizational structures and products and resolve them.

Build an on-chain resume

In DAO, it is important to gain trust through work. The DAO is looking for reliable contributors who can work independently in a manner that respects the collective will of the organization. The reputation credentials received in Web3 are specific to individuals, they are not numbers in applications or platforms. Your reputation is built on the blockchain, so no one can delete or suspend them. The value you provide in any Web3 community you participate in can be tracked through tokens, POAP and NFT. DAO and the community use these tokens, POAP and NFT to reward their contributors. You carry them with you as your on-chain reputation and resume. Once you have established a reputation in the community and enriched your on-chain resume, more opportunities will appear.


Before that, there were many different roles based on the focus of the DAO, but here are some roles that are common in various  DAOs:

  • Community Manager: A DAO as a community usually needs to act as a moderator/manager and become the glue that holds the project or guild together.
  • Project Manager:  DAO’s main product creation occurs in the project portfolio. Having project management experience, knowing how to organize a group of people and put them into work is a sought-after skill.
  • Scribe/writer:  A large number of meetings are held within the DAO every day, and because people work asynchronously, this means that there is a great demand for people who record and summarize events, meetings, and discussions.
  • Artist/Creator:  NFT has become a popular way for DAO to create revenue streams, and POAP is a common way to reward participation. In this sense, DAO attaches great importance to artistic ability.
  • Developer:  DAO usually builds its own tools and products. If you are a coder, you can definitely find a DAO that needs your skills.
  • Treasurer/Economist:  DAO has a large amount of funds. Therefore, contributors with financial background and budgeting, fund diversification and asset allocation experience are highly valued.

As you know from the list above, you don’t have to be a programmer or a computer science student to join the DAO and start contributing. Even in the technology-oriented protocol DAO, the above skills are valued and sought after.


The rules of the DAO economy are first to bring value to the community, unless you require a fixed allocation of bounties, or require proof of work. It means that every newcomer should overcome the latent initial stage, truly participate in the community, take responsibility, perform tasks, and provide value. As mentioned above, in DAO, in terms of work, to a large extent depends on trust. Once you gain this kind of trust through your work, you will not only gain a reputation in the community, but you will also be rewarded for it.

Having said that, it should be noted that getting paid through DAO may take some time. DAO provides them with countless opportunities to work for them without the need for formalities or the influence of prejudice (such as interviews). The provision of preliminary work fully demonstrates a person’s skills and commitment to the project.


There are many ways to get paid in DAO, for example:


1.  Coordinape is a web3 native platform that enables DAO to fairly distribute compensation to contributors through peer-to-peer distribution. Projects, grants and salaries can be distributed through Coordinape, which can also motivate participants to increase future contributions. This is how my first Guest Pass Coordinape in BanklessDAO looks like (the node picture above)!

2.  Set roles: Guilds usually have predefined roles, especially in coordination, governance, finance, and new recruits. Characters usually receive token salary based on the number of hours/week required for each function.

3.  Funding: Every DAO, especially the major DAO, has a funding plan. Some companies such as Uniswap, Compound, Sushi and Aave have large amounts of capital. Allocating funds to those who propose unique ideas and suggestions for the service provides additional value to the agreement.

4.  Bounty: The bounty board is a collection of discrete tasks, and each job has an associated price tag. The bounty allows DAO freelancers to interact trustlessly and frictionlessly with the issuer because the bounty will be distributed as soon as the current working terms and conditions are completed. DAO, use bounty to motivate the community to complete various tasks.

5.  Hired by DAO: Although choosing a “full-time DAO” does not necessarily mean you resign or devote yourself to the DAO field, there are still many DAOs that offer full-time jobs. The agreement DAO usually has the resources to provide stablecoin-based wages and a stable working environment to enable contributors to convert.


BanklessDAO Bounty Committee Reward Points Form

In the DAO economy, there are no rules on how to pay for fixed contributions. Some DAOs pay a standard hourly rate, while others rely mainly on Coordinape to reward their contributors. Payments are usually made in DAO’s governance tokens or currencies available in the treasury. As the DAO develops and attracts more people who are willing to become full-time DAOs, compensation is becoming one of the most discussed topics in the organization, and many people have developed different ways to reward contributors.

in conclusion

Working for the DAO is not just to make money, the DAO represents a new framework for human coordination, and thus represents the organizational culture, ownership is taken back and handed over to the community that established it. DAO and participating in the life of DAO have many benefits, because the spirit of the community is at its core. Contributing to the DAO means that you participate in a vibrant community culture made up of people who share your values ​​and world vision.

Since DAO is in a stage of continuous growth, they are always looking for talent. These people have the right attitude, want to contribute, and are willing to take on tasks/responsibility and deliver them. Whether your goal is to create something interesting with others or earn a full-time salary, there are many ways to get paid for your contribution, hard work, and time spent in your organization. Although one might argue that people can start to make meaningful contributions to the DAO in many ways, in my opinion, one of them stands out. When you are present, being proactive, willing to help and sharing your experience will greatly Increase your chances of becoming a full-time DAO contributor.

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