Woman Loses Over $300,000 to Cryptocurrency Romance Scam

A young woman who remained anonymous at press time has come out to discuss her falling victim to a cryptocurrency romance scam.

How a Woman Lost a Lot of Money in a Cryptocurrency Scam

After finalizing her divorce last year, the woman decided to get back on the market and try dating apps for the first time. The mother of a young daughter has not disclosed her identity, but she mentioned that she lives near the town of Springfield and is in her 40s.

In August last year, she downloaded the Hinge dating app and tried to get back on her feet when it came to dating and finding love. She meets a man who really connects with her. He texted her for a few days and they hit it off. Describing her feelings for him, the woman said:

We have similar backgrounds. He’s in engineering, he has family in Portugal, and so do I. Right away, we clicked.

The woman had a master’s degree and said she thought she was smart in most ways, although in this particular case she was clearly being lied to. She said she began sharing her own story with the man, talking about her young daughter and the multiple jobs she worked to maintain a certain lifestyle for herself and her children.

Things got weird from there – like most romance scams – when the man offered her an opportunity to invest in a cryptocurrency platform. At first, she put in $500 and saw steady results. This got her excited, and she eventually bowed to pressure from men to invest more money in the platform, all based on the idea that she would see substantial returns down the road. she says:

I would do all my trades with him on the phone and he would tell me that you had to do exactly what I told you, and that’s the time, or you’d lose all your money.

In the end, she ended up donating at least $250,000 to bogus investments. About $70,000 of that came from various loans. When discussing when she feels something is wrong, she mentions:

The last deal I did with him was because at that point he kept telling me, ‘Go for the loan, take this, take that. ’ I thought, I don’t want to do that.

Nancy Cahalen of the Better Business Bureau puts her two cents in, noting:

It’s not for her good. This is for him. Victims of these types of scams do take a lot of psychological toll.

a lot of money wasted

The woman could not recover the loss, and said:

It was a very traumatic experience for me because this person I fell in love with wasn’t real.

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