Why is Bitcoin below $16,000?We bring an alternative that demonstrates better development

A falling market is every investor’s enemy. In the case of Bitcoin, even a conservative trading strategy using entry price averaging is not profitable. Even the gradual buying of falling BTC has failed to bring benefits to investors, and at most it has reduced the overall risk. During the decline of cryptocurrencies, the price of Bitcoin fell below the $16,000 mark, in this article we will try to think about the reasons for its decline, what are its growth forecasts, and finally, we will propose an investment option to Token.

Bitcoin is above support

Probably the most popular cryptocurrency, it has fallen 61% this year. During the recent choppy downtrend, the market even broke the magic price level of $16,000, which is currently showing as a support area for the market, which is currently consolidating. In this case, price consolidation is a harbinger of another drop as sellers are strong enough to keep the price of Bitcoin low, and most importantly, the lack of volatility suggests that there are no buyers in the market that will try to raise the price of BTC.

On the way down to current lows, Bitcoin has textbookly respected price levels below the downtrend line, while forming and still forming a developing resistance zone. Given the position of the market and its consolidation in the sell-off movement, it is likely that the price of Bitcoin will fall even lower, either to the nearest support value, which is the price of $12,000, or even lower, to the maximum volume , which is the $10,000 level. Anyway, BTC predictions are not very Optimism, so let’s now look at coins whose prices are rising despite the current crypto market downturn.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Weekly Price Chart - BTC/USDBitcoin – BTC/USD weekly price chart

“Greener” Alternatives or IMPT Tokens

IMPT.io platform

Cryptocurrency miners have come under greater pressure in recent months as environmental pollution continues to intensify. Since it doesn’t look like cryptocurrency mining will stop completely, the IMPT.io project presents an interesting idea that will not only help miners, but also the environment.

IMPT.io platformIMPT.io platform

It is worth mentioning that other effects also play an important role in environmental pollution. For example, the International Energy Agency reports that total greenhouse gas emissions in 2021 will reach 40.8 Gt CO2. This shows an increase every year, which also causes the Earth’s temperature to increase. One of the possible solutions to prevent further increases in Earth’s temperature is to reduce emissions. And that’s exactly what the IMPT.io platform comes up with.

The IMPT.io platform aims to help every person and company offset their carbon footprint in an easy and safe way. It offers investors the opportunity to buy and trade carbon credits and supports selected environmental sustainability projects worldwide. IMPT.io’s goal is to improve the environment and fight global warming.

The idea has also been liked by more than 10,000 companies that have decided to partner with the platform. As a result, partner companies commit to using a portion of their revenues to fight global warming while integrating IMPT into their operations.

IMPT Token Pre-Sale Phase 2 DevelopmentIMPT Token Pre-Sale Phase 2 Development

The native token of the IMPT.io platform is the IMTP token, which is currently open for pre-sale. The pre-sale has now entered its second phase, and IMPT tokens can be purchased at a price of 0.023 USDT. The pre-sale has attracted a lot of interest from investors, and the project has managed to raise over $13 million to date.

Participate in pre-sale

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