Why has ETH2.0 been delayed?

With the halving of Bitcoin completed, everyone in the crypto community is focused on the launch of ETH 2.0. “Will it be released soon?” “Can it really solve all the vulnerabilities of ETH 1.0?” Problems like this are emerging in endlessly.

ETH 2.0 project coordinator Danny Ryan talked about the crux of ETH 2.0 development in a recent interview and shared his views on the future of this upgrade. He explained that some problems are easier to solve, while others pose a huge obstacle:
“Some problems can usually be solved relatively quickly, sometimes even without brains. For example, sometimes the problem becomes a problem only because we haven’t studied it yet. So we put it down. We thought, well, this It makes sense, we just do it, and then continue. ”
Another interesting topic discussed in the video is that ETH 2.0 may be experiencing second-system syndrome. It should be pointed out that the second system syndrome refers to the tendency that systems are often replaced by over-designed and bloated systems due to excessive expectations and overconfidence. The main goal behind ETH 2.0 is to fix all the vulnerabilities in ETH 1.0 while developing it into a better version. Moreover, due to the slow development of recent development, this seems to be a typical second system syndrome.
Ryan agrees with the view that this syndrome exists in part, he added:

“Our work is done entirely in front of the public; most projects are not built in this way, and most of the projects affected by this have a successful company behind them. To be honest, we may feel very stressed. The community is eagerly anticipating, and we clearly realize that the emptying does not meet the expectations we set. So, I think that at this point, the problem now definitely exceeds the second system syndrome. ”
In addition, Ryan also pointed out at a recent event that the multi-client paradigm of ETH 2.0 is one of the main reasons for the delayed release of the project. However, multiple clients cannot be ignored, because it is crucial from a security perspective. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin also asserted at the same event that ETH 2.0 has “on the right track” and there will be no unexpected obstacles in the development process.

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