Which DAOs are worthy of attention in 2022?

In the past few months, we have seen the vigorous development of DAO, but at present we have to keep up with not only all the great organizations, but also many great researches and experiments related to the practical use of DAO, among which are particularly worthy of attention. Moloch V3. In addition, Orca Protocol’s concluding article on DAO “DAOs Wrapped 2021” is also worth reading. Without further ado, here are some of the DAO organizations that I am following, interesting, and I am most looking forward to next year.


The most noteworthy DAO in 22 years is not Constitution DAO, although it has received a lot of media coverage this year. In fact, we should pay more attention to  Juicebox Protocol , which also operates on the platform where Constitution DAO once raised a lot of funds quickly. The Kickstarter before this was really general, and Juicebox is a better choice in my opinion.

In addition, I will pay special attention to some “service-oriented DAOs”. Raid Guild  is the first service-oriented DAO organization. It issued RAID Token this year and built dozens of applications for customers and organizations. I think Raid Guild will launch more attractive products in 2022, and the guild will also benefit a lot. 2022 will be the year when the “service-oriented DAO” will explode. In addition to Raid Guild, I will also pay attention to Vector DAO , which provides services for designers  . As we all know, many DeFi protocols need help in terms of user experience….. .

Padawan DAO  keeps sending students to participate in hackathon activities and continues to cultivate young product development talents. I can’t think of a better ecosystem investment model. I predict that next year, hundreds of young people will use this dao to start building the next generation of influential dApps.

The Meta Factory  launched ROBOT DAO later this year. At present, we urgently need to use encryption technology to build DAO products in the real world, which can inspire more ordinary people to understand and pay attention to this field. I believe that Meta Factory will dominate the streetwear trend in 2022.

Hero DAO  also provides physical goods, which is a community-owned superhero IP, and has published a series of comic books. They also issued Tokens, but there is no liquidity yet. I think it is worth paying attention to.

There are still some DAOs that are trying a series of experiments to run the city, of which I am most interested in  Creator Cabins . It is distributed in many places, and its members are also exporting real products. You must know that any successful city will have products for export.

Bankless DAO is  also a DAO that must be paid attention to. This is a very interesting experiment: Can media brands reward their consumers and have a greater impact as a DAO organization? The answer is yes. This organization has matured a lot, and I think we may soon see unexpected products from Bankless. In addition, Bankless DAO has also designed a very good roadmap for the co-construction of the content creators’ community, which is expected to become a model for many other DAO organizations in 2022 in the future. The media DAO is an important part of my watch list in 2022.


I hope that next year  Lex DAO  can improve its own standards. At present, DAO organizations in various fields urgently need legal framework support related to practical matters such as ownership and fund raising. Lex DAO should become the preferred legal engineering DAO, so it is time to change Go up one floor.

Meta Gamma Delta  is a powerful sorority DAO that provides education and encryption technology. They have just raised $1 million from a bunch of different DAOs to expand their mission.

Naturally, OlympusDAO  needless to say. It also has many innumerable forks, which cannot be fully covered here. I think the most noteworthy top OHM fork is  Diatom DAO . In addition, I am not the biggest fan of Klima DAO, but I do want to know whether DeFi 2.0’s “Ponzi scheme” can really save the world.

The above are some of the DAO organizations that I am most concerned about. I deliberately omitted some DeFi protocol DAOs and airdrop DAOs, because I am more concerned about the organization’s vision and people, rather than money. We should remember: don’t ask what your DAO can do for you, ask what you can do for your DAO.

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