What is Wagerr? What does the WGR coin do?

What is Wagerr? Wagerr (WGR) is a decentralized sports-themed cryptocurrency betting platform using blockchain technology.

What is Wagerr? Wagerr (WGR) is a decentralized sports-themed cryptocurrency betting platform using blockchain technology. As Coinzigzag.com, in this article we answer questions from investors like what is Wagerr, what does it offer, what is the WGR coin, what is it good for and how to buy it. Now let’s take a look at this platform that allows betting on sports events like football matches.

What is Wagerr?

Wagerr (WGR) is a decentralized platform that runs entirely on an open-source blockchain network. The platform is the world’s first blockchain-based decentralized sports betting application. Through the sports betting app, the project offers different features and benefits to bettors that cannot be found anywhere else. The platform was founded in 2017 and has been operating since 2018. However, the features that make it stand out are mainly made possible by advancements in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

Wagerr operates with full transparency, without a CEO or company. Instead, governance is an activity that happens entirely among platform users. Through participation management, users can access features such as voting and submitting offers. In addition, the platform also has advantages such as real betting odds, unlimited liquidity, and low gas fees. Along with these advantages, it comes with complete privacy and security. Thus, it allows its users to place bets without censorship and fraud.

What does Wagerr offer?

The way the platform works is very different from traditional betting apps and websites. It uses blockchain technology to do this. Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain. This means users can see and manage their gains and losses. Additionally, the platform is highly resistant to censorship, bans, scammers, and scammers through the decentralized nature of the blockchain. It is managed by users from all over the world with no country or mobility restrictions.

What are WGR coins? What does it do?

The WGR coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Wagerr platform. Transactions made using this cryptocurrency are recorded on Wagerr’s blockchain network. In other words, it is a cryptocurrency that ensures transparency on the web. However, the asset is hosted on the Ethereum and BNB chain networks. Using WGR coins, users can access specific use cases within the gaming platform. Betting is one of these use cases. The entire gaming economy in the ecosystem works with WGR coins. Additionally, WGR can be used for staking and governance. Users who stake 25,000 tokens will get the added benefit of being a masternode.

What is Wagerr? How to get WGR coins?

Wagerr is currently only listed on exchanges such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, Crex24, and Beaxy. Investors interested in WGR coins should visit one of these exchanges and follow the purchase steps.

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