What is the Genesis Vision? What does GVT do?

What is the Genesis Vision? Genesis Vision (GVT) is a fair investment strategy platform using blockchain and smart contract technology.

What is the Genesis Vision? Genesis Vision (GVT) is a fair investment strategy platform using blockchain and smart contract technology. As Coinzigzag.com, in this article, we answer questions such as what is Genesis Vision, what does it offer, what GVT is, what it does, how to get it, and more. Let’s take a look at this project that aims to influence the global market through a decentralized and fair network.

What is the Genesis Vision?

Genesis Vision is a decentralized, open source and fair blockchain network. The network brings together exchanges, investors, traders and brokers on one platform. By doing so, it aims to revolutionize the current structure of financial markets. That is, it is designed to ensure that financial markets are open to everyone on a global scale. The platform serves as a marketplace for investors to buy tokens from investment managers.

Additionally, investment managers are evaluated based on their past trading performance. That is, the better the manager’s past trading performance, the higher his or her rating will be. Managers with strong trading backgrounds can reap many benefits, such as distributing more cryptocurrencies. In contrast, managers with fewer or worse trading backgrounds gradually lose their influence over the platform.

What does Genesis Vision offer?

Genesis Vision is a certified platform. Therefore, it is the first choice for industry professionals. Through this platform, users can access a range of financial services without being restricted by a particular broker or manager. Also, people can choose the financial manager of their choice. The platform has an easy-to-use interface that also appeals to investors, managers and brokers, and it is built on blockchain technology and executed through smart contracts.

The platform allows users to create investment strategies that suit them. Users can also choose specific strategies offered by traders and brokers on the platform. These strategies are based on artificial intelligence. They are also being developed to become very efficient over time. However, each strategy manager on the platform has its own token. These tokens are purchased by users who want to invest in certain strategies.

What is GVT? What does it do?

The Genesis Vision platform has a native token called GVT. The token is created using the Ethereum network’s ERC-20 smart contracts. GVT is used for investment transactions and profit distribution. However, the token also allows purchasing manager tokens that are traded on the platform’s internal exchanges. Through GVT, users can get a series of discounts and benefits within the platform. They can also earn passive income by staking cryptocurrencies.

What is the Genesis Vision? How to buy GVT

Investors looking to buy Genesis Vision (GVT) should have access to the listed PancakeSwap exchange. Member users of this exchange should deposit assets into their wallets according to the crypto trading pair and follow the purchase steps.

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