Western Coin Brother: Analysis strategy of mainstream currency market on the evening of November 1st – November 2nd

There is only one direction to invest, not long or short, but only in the right direction.I am Brother Xixi, a friend who is willing to accompany you to make a comeback

A brief analysis of the Ethereum market:

The daily market price of ETH has retraced, the MA7 moving average has rebounded, the third line of the KDJ indicator is dead at the 80-axis again, and the red physical kinetic energy column of the MACD indicator continues to shrink in volume. There is a retracement trend, the short-term 4-hour market BOLL narrows the mouth, the third line of the KDJ indicator is on the 35th axis again with a golden fork up, the MACD indicator green hollow energy column shrinks and decreases, and the short-term 4-hour market continues to rebound. Pressure, the market’s upside space is likely to be in the 1680-1720 range. On the whole, the daily line has an obvious trend of retracement, and the bullish kinetic energy has begun to shrink. Although there are signs of rising in the short-term, it is currently approaching the strong pressure level above. It is recommended to focus on high altitude. , specific strategy suggestions will be given on the official account, scan the QR code below to get it for free

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