Westcoin Brother: Analysis strategy of mainstream currency market on the evening of October 31st – November 1st

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Pay attention to the following news in early November⬇

⭐ November 2-20:15 ADP employment numbers in the United States in October

⭐ November 3 – 02:00 AM Fed announces interest rate decision

02:30 AM Fed Powell speaks

⭐ November 4th-20:30 Old and American unemployment rate/and non-farm payrolls in October

⭐ November 8th, the old and US midterm elections (good for US stocks)

A brief analysis of the Ethereum market:

After the daily price of ETH fell slightly and hit the 1560 line, the market rebounded again within the day. Currently, BOLL is open, the third line of the KDJ indicator continues to run above the 80 axis, and the red physical kinetic energy column of the MACD indicator continuously shrinks and decreases. The daily market is currently in a range. Concussion repair, pay attention to the pressure in the upper 1680-1720 range, and pay attention to the BBI moving average support below. After the short-term 4-hour market broke through the middle BOLL rail, the market rebounded again. The current BOLL shows signs of shrinking, the KDJ indicator three-line golden fork is running upward, and MACD The green hollow energy column of the indicator shrinks and decreases. The short-term market pays attention to the pressure near the previous high of 1665, the lower support pays attention to the BOLL mid-rail support, and the broken position pays attention to the 1560 first-line support. On the whole: the daily market chart shows a clear top signal, the daily line The K-line is also currently experiencing high fluctuations. Although the short-term market shows signs of rebound, there is a high probability that it will not break through the strong pressure of the 1680-1720 line. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on the high altitude. The specific strategy suggestions will be given on the public account. Scan the QR code below for free Obtain

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