Wemade enhances its blockchain and gaming services in strategic co-op space and time

Wemade enhances its blockchain and gaming services in strategic co-op space and time

Wemade Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ: 112040) recently revealed an alliance with Space and Time. (SxT). Wemade will be able to leverage Space and Time’s decentralized array of developer resources to support its blockchain and gaming products. Wemade Co., Ltd has a market capitalization of USD 1.4 billion and offers more than 20 Play-to-Earn (P2E) games covering all disciplines on its blockchain gaming system WEMIX PLAY.

WEMIX PLAY is part of a wider environment being built by Wemade’s creator alliance, WEMIX. It includes its own mainnet, WEMIX 3.0, which is powered by the WEMIX token (WEMIX/USD) and offers a wide range of products, including NFTs and DeFi. WEMIX has just revealed its intent to release Ethereum’s Layer 2, which uses zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to enhance scalability and user confidentiality and security.

Wemade and Space and Time will collaborate to create a futuristic decentralized framework to facilitate a more resilient and scalable GameFi expansion.

Shane Kim, CEO of WEMIX, commented on the partnership: “We believe blockchain is the future of gaming, it can provide gamers with greater influence and ownership of their Crypto assets. Blockchain development continues to expand, and the partnership with SpaceTime will enhance our blockchain backbone skills and contribute to our efforts to build an inter-game ecosystem.”

Space and Time provides a comprehensive set of coder tools on a decentralized platform. It provides coders with real-time, tamper-proof ledger blockchain information, a Hybrid Transaction and Analytics (HTAP) information warehouse, and a serverless API portal to facilitate streamlined development of fully decentralized applications and reduce dApp time-to-market.
Queries run in spatial and temporal data storage facilities are confirmed to be tamper-proof, as the platform’s new cryptographic SQL proofs allow smart contracts to run tamper-proof searches instantly, a factor that opens up a host of powerful developments based on blockchain technology. Use scenarios, and a fully decentralized stack.

Additionally, game developers leveraging Space and Time can combine real-time blockchain information with off-chain game-generated information through a single search and link their findings to smart contracts on the blockchain. As such, Space and Time will allow Wemade to support more complex revenue strategies for its P2E games, perform tamper-proof analysis of game operations, and reduce chain by attaching a scalable decentralized information repository to the blockchain-powered platform. storage costs.

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