Web3 ‘totally error-proof’ super app Kresus raises $25 million

On March 7, 2023, serial entrepreneur and former US ambassador to Austria Trevor Traina raised $25 million for a Web3 super app called Kresus. The Series A round was led by Liberty City Ventures, with other investors including JetBlue Ventures, Craft Ventures, Franklin Templeton, and angel investors such as Salesforce founder Marc Benioff and the Winklevoss twins who founded cryptocurrency exchange Gemini.

Kresus, a Web3 super app based in San Francisco, California, is not yet available, and its website describes the app as a Web3 super app for everyday consumers that promises to be “completely error-proof” ( entirely goof-proof), which includes features such as “Part Exchange, Part Wallet and Part Guide” (Part Exchange, Part Wallet and Part Guide), the company intends to use the new funds to continue building the app, recruiting efforts and Key partnerships.

founder background

Kresus was founded by serial entrepreneur Trevor Traina, son of shipping magnate and art collector John Traina, and a veteran of the start-up scene. Trevor Traina previously founded/co-founded five tech startups and invested in many others. His exits include IfOnly (sold to MasterCard in 2019), StepUp Commerce (sold to Intuit in 2006) and CompareNet (sold to Microsoft in 1999), among others. Former US President Trump nominated Trevor Traina to serve as US Ambassador to the Republic of Austria from March 2018 to January 2021.

Kresus CEO wants to disrupt the way customers interact with businesses via Web3. Web3 is still in its infancy, with only about 2% of the world’s population exposed and using it. Kresus will help users bridge the Web 3 gap, hoping to make it easier for consumers to access blockchain-based services through its super app.

Murtaza Akbar, founding partner at Liberty City Ventures, commented on the company’s lead in the Series A funding round: “Trevor Traina’s reputation as an entrepreneur and passion for bringing Web3 to the mainstream is second only to his team at Expertise in blockchain and the future of the web. We believe Kresus’ product will help revolutionize the Web3 ecosystem, making it accessible and user-friendly.”

On the other hand, Ryan Chou, Head of Investments at JetBlue Ventures, commented: “Web3 has the potential to have a profound impact on various industries including travel and hospitality. We are excited about the vision Trevor and Kresus see for the aviation industry, and will Looking forward to seeing future developments.”

SuperApp for Everyday Consumers

Kresus is redefining the meaning of a Web3 wallet, becoming a super app for everyday consumption created for the next generation of Web3 users.

According to the official Kresus publicity introduction, Kresus is designed with the strongest security in the industry and will never touch users’ Crypto assets. Become a Kresus premium member ($15/month) and enjoy, from being able to appoint guardians to protect users’ valuables, to setting delayed withdrawals on outgoing transactions, and additional trust and estate features, Kresus puts all the power in the hands of You and people you trust. Pay attention to user experience, you don’t need complicated registration steps, your account and assets will not be permanently locked when the password is lost, and the risk of accidental transfer will bid farewell to you, the “complete error prevention” that facilitates the use of users to the greatest extent It is also a major “signature” of Kresus. Users can also find unexpected surprises in Kresus, which will be a dynamic place to learn, gather information and connect and share. Share the selected interesting content of Web3, teach you how to cast your first NFT, and the ever-changing content of Web3 interesting education will connect users more closely with the exciting community. Kresus introduced on the official push that it will become a unique Web3 super application, which has an easy-to-use mobile experience, strong security that can be customized by users, seamless multi-network compatibility, in-app revenue opportunities and more Much to be developed to show what to expect.Its specific advantages are: Has a human-readable blockchain identity No mnemonic Seed stage management Simple registration with strong security that can be enacted Mint or buy transactions NFT Curated Web3 content and special offers in-app App uses Web2 user UI The interface is easy to use and experience The built-in social profile in the application closely connects users with the Web3 world

Kresus is currently trying to speed up the process of consumers joining the blockchain by targeting various industries such as aviation, tourism and hotels. The airline industry and other consumer-facing markets are leveraging blockchain technology to offer NFT-based ticketing services, which will be combined with customer loyalty programs. According to a promotional image on the Kresus website, the Web3 application provides travelers with a variety of customized services, including a wallet, a Crypto asset exchange platform, and a travel guide.

Kresus is expected to be launched in the first half of 2023. If you are interested in it, you can click on the official website link and simply enter your email address to join the waiting list.

Official website address: https://www.kresus.com/

Kresus tweeted:https://twitter.com/Kresusofficial

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