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Altcoins rallied as Bitcoin revisited the $24,000 level again. XRP coin is no exception. Many cryptocurrencies are up more than 10% in the past 2 days, making investors laugh. The cumulative value of crypto once again surpassed the $1.1 trillion threshold. So what is the price outlook for XRP?

Ripple (Ripple)

If Bitcoin continues at the $24,500 level, many altcoins may break out of the resistance zone. XRP price is also approaching the resistance zone. Expectations that the Fed will not take a tough stance are growing stronger with today’s U.S. PPI data out. XRP price has been trading inside a long-term symmetrical triangle for 9 months. The support line has remained so far. While the triangle is considered a neutral pattern, the movement within it tells us that an uptrend for Ripple could begin.

The main reason is the formation of two bullish hammer candles on January 2 and March 12 respectively. The former sparked a significant uptrend, and the latter could do the same. So where is the XRP Coin price expected target area?

XRP Price Prediction

If we see a quick recovery in price, the $0.46 area seems like a reasonable target in the short term. On the other hand, a break above the support line of the triangle will lead to a sharp price drop towards $0.30. A bullish divergence forming in the daily RSI supports an upside breakout. Technical analysis of the six-hour short-term chart shows that the XRP token price is trading in a descending parallel channel. Such channels often contain corrective structures, which means that a breakout of the channel is possible. This is in line with readings on the daily time frame. The fact that the price is at the top of the channel makes a breakout more likely.

All in all, the most likely XRP price prediction is 0.3 bearish, a breakout from the long-term triangle and loss of the support area in the opposite case of a rise to $0.46. Ripple, which is highly correlated to Bitcoin, needs to keep an eye on the 24,500 level on the BTC front.

Disclaimer: The information contained herein does not constitute investment advice. Investors should be aware that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and therefore risky and should base their trades on their own research.

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