Vitalik Reveals New Ethereum Roadmap, Crypto Daily TV 11 Aug 2022

In today’s headline TV CryptoDaily news:

Solana’s Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Software startup Neon Labs will open its on-ramp to Ethereum-based cryptocurrency projects to access the competing Solana ecosystem by the end of the year. Neon Labs will launch its “Ethereum Virtual Machine” for Solana on December 12, CEO Marina Guryeva said.

Hong Kong is “actively considering” authorizing a cryptocurrency ETF.

Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission appears set to allow the launch of exchange-traded funds for retail investors that track cryptocurrency futures, citing increasingly complex investor safeguards.

Vitalik reveals a new phase in the Ethereum roadmap.

Less than two months after the merger, Vitalik Buterin has added a new phase to the Ethereum roadmap in response to the impact of censorship and centralization at the Ethereum consensus layer.

BTC/USD tumbled 1.1% in the previous session.

The bitcoin-dollar pair tumbled 1.1% in the previous session. The Ultimate Oscillator sends a negative signal. Support is at 20609.3333 and resistance is at 21539.3333.

The Ultimate Oscillator is currently in negative territory.

In the previous session, ETH/USD was up 0.3%.

The ethereum-dollar pair was up 0.3% in the previous session. The Republic of China is sending positive signals. Support is at 1519.671 and resistance is at 1662.971.

The ROC is currently in a positive zone.

XRP fell 0.7% against the dollar in the previous session.

The Ripple dollar pair was down 0.7% in the previous session after gaining 1.9% in the previous session. MACD sends a positive signal. Support is at 0.4512 and resistance is at 0.5047.

MACD sends a positive signal.

LTC/USD gained 0.5% in the previous session.

The Litecoin-Dollar pair gained 0.5% in the previous session after gaining 6.8% in the previous session. The Williams indicator is sending a negative signal. Support is at 65.8067 and resistance is at 71.9067.

The Williams indicator is currently in negative territory.

Daily Economic Calendar:

JP Coincidence Index

The Consensus Index released by the Cabinet Office is a single aggregated statistic that tracks the current state of the Japanese economy. Japan’s coincidence index will be released at 05:00 GMT, the UK’s BRC similar retail sales will be released at 00:01 GMT, and the Dutch CPI will be released at 05:30 GMT .

UK BRC similar retail

British Retail Consortium Like-For-Like Retail Sales regularly and reliably measures changes in the actual value of retail sales for participating companies using valuable management information.

Dutch Consumer Price Index

The Consumer Price Index measures price changes by comparing the retail prices of goods and services in a representative basket.

US NFIB Business Optimism Index

The NFIB Business Optimism Index is based on small business economic trends data collected on quarterly surveys since 1974 and monthly surveys since 1986. The US NFIB Business Optimism Index will be released at 11:00 GMT, the Eurozone Economic and Financial Conference will be released at 07:00 GMT, and the Japan Current Account at 23:50 GMT.

EMU Ecological Finance Conference

The Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs is the main decision-making body of the European Council and consists of the finance ministers of the 27 EU member states.

JP Current Account

The current account measures the net flow of current transactions, including goods, services and interest payments in and out of the local economy.

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