Vertical and horizontal Freely: The market has dropped sharply, and the bearish sentiment is strong

One-year-old is one-year-old, one-year-old is one-year-old, and time has polished a mature heart. Years make our understanding and perception of life deeper and deeper… Time can wear down our elegance, but it brings us mature charm; wind and dust can dim our appearance, but infiltrate a wisdom and calmness in our hearts . We are more confident in self-examination, more self-esteem and self-love. We firmly believe that only after years of polishing can life become pearls from sand and butterflies break out of cocoons! come on! The harder, the more fortunate!

According to CME data, the probability of raising interest rates by 50 basis points has dropped from 75% to 61.6%. Under the successive interest rate hikes, the impact is showing in the United States. The incidents of SIL and SVB have brought unprecedented pressure and challenges to traditional financial institutions. Make compromises and concessions because of the incident?

It is also worth noting that the unemployment rate has also increased due to the continuous interest rate hikes. Tonight, the U.S. unemployment rate in February will be released after seasonally adjusted non-agricultural employment data, and you can see the specific data at that time , which will also have an impact on subsequent interest rate hikes.

The market is relatively silent. It was said yesterday that the previous low of 21,300 fell below, and there will be a risk of reaching below 20,000. I never expected that it would be so fast. After only one night, the market fell like this. The current technical aspect, under the impact of the decline, is basically a bearish situation on the market, and there is no signal to stop the decline for the time being. In the current market, due to external news and unknown economic policies, most funds will not make major moves, so it is difficult to see the trend of funds buying bottoms and closing needles after a rapid decline. Funds are important to the market Enthusiasm is not high. On the disk, the current low point is close to the MA120 line, which is about 19600. The high probability is the last stubbornness of the bulls on the disk. The most important thing tonight is to pay attention to the release of the data. In such a fragile market, good data is especially needed to give a little confidence. If the data performance is not good, it is really hard to imagine how the market will go.

It can be said that the four-hour market is very bad. Since the shock from the front, it should be a long time since I saw a strong positive line. Under such a bad performance, there has never been a signal of bottoming out. It is no longer possible to analyze the behavior of panic selling under such a force majeure risk background, and most of the indicators on the disk are invalid. At present, sentiment dominates the market. If we talk about opportunities, maybe a glimmer of life in despair will suddenly appear. I am greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy. What if the data tonight gives an unexpected plot. Short-term operations are not easy to carry out. Continue to be bearish here, after all, it is relatively low. If you have an idea, you can only do a wave of data market tonight, and use the bulls’ psychological defense line of 19600 to operate to see the oversold rebound.

Bitcoin took the lead in falling, and the market is hard to get better. Basically everything is adjusting. The main thing to pay attention to here is the currencies that have not fallen much. There are many currencies that have stopped falling, and some have already had a big one There has been a decline, and some currencies have always been good in fundamentals, and there will be hype hotspots in the later stage. This type is a relatively high-quality choice. At the current stage, if you choose this type of currency, even if the rebound in the later period is not particularly large, It is not a big problem to have a small rebound from an oversold. As for, if the hot spots rotate in the future, the chances will be even greater.

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