Unity Engine Embeds Tezos Blockchain in Its Web3 SDK

Unity Engine Embeds Tezos Blockchain in Its Web3 SDK

Widely used gaming engine Unity has revealed a partnership with open-source blockchain network Tezos that will allow the engine to integrate the Tezos blockchain into its recently released Web3 software development kit (SDK) for programmers. Currently, the SDK is compatible with Android, Desktop, Web and iOS platforms.

The Web3 SDK will provide game makers with full access to the Tezos blockchain for data analysis and smart contract calls. Additionally, the package is able to connect blockchain wallets. According to a study by Venture Beats, this will allow game creators to properly verify blockchain identities.

Due to its affiliation with the Tezos chain, the developer kit will grant connectivity to smart contracts on Tezos. Therefore, users can use on-chain functions such as Crypto currency trading, in-game product creation, and asset trading on the in-game public market. Additionally, users can stream in-game content.

Additionally, the SDK’s wallet pairing feature will enable players to verify their blockchain credentials and perform other actions in-game, including approving on-chain transactions, accessing personal resources on the blockchain, and using those assets to acquire in-game items or facilities.

It is the first web3 toolkit available through the Unity Asset Store. The SDK allows programmers to examine the details of games made on the Tezos platform, which may involve things like monitoring card composition or other game-related data.

Additionally, games built using the SDK will allow users to control on-chain items within the game. As a hallmark of a blockchain system, players are guaranteed to truly own in-game items, verified in real time through the Tezos blockchain.

Several businesses have expressed interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology due to its growing appeal. Interestingly, the gaming world is not far behind, with many game creators and leading studios showing curiosity about blockchain technology.

Recently, blockchain framework provider ChainSafe Systems, Inc. launched its web3 development toolkit branded web3.unity. The toolkit aims to provide a blockchain-based game development infrastructure for Unity engine game programmers.

Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden has announced its ambition to merge with Polygon to support web3 games. Through the agreement with Polygon, Magic Eden will be able to develop its web3 games in cooperation with many game publishers and IP holders.

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