UK PM Rishi Sunak is considering new rules to regulate AI amid concerns over ‘existential threat’

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak aims to update his government’s guidelines for regulating artificial intelligence (AI) and its development, The Guardian reported on May 26.

previous advice is outdated

The Guardian said Sunak’s government released a white paper in March, but the recommendations in that white paper are now outdated.

Now, the Sunak government can tighten regulations in light of the new development. A government spokesman said the rules were aimed at ensuring public safety, adding: “Some of these technologies are developing so rapidly that they are not known.”

Sunak met with leaders in the AI ​​field on May 24, including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis. He then met with Google CEO Sundar Pinchai on May 26. After the first meeting, the government acknowledged risks, including “disinformation and national security” and potential “existential threats”.

While Sunak is reportedly aiming to create an international regulatory agreement around AI development, lawmakers from both parties are focused on advancing legislation to create rules for companies working with AI within the UK.

Either plan could lead to the creation of new regulators.

Other regions are regulating AI

Other jurisdictions have attempted to regulate the industry. Italy was one of the first countries to block ChatGPT in April before reversing the ban in May.

Other regions, including Spain, France and parts of Germany, have investigated possible AI data protection and privacy violations. Europe is now attempting to broadly regulate the artificial intelligence industry, with the European Parliament announcing an “artificial intelligence bill” on May 11.

US senators also held a hearing on May 16, during which OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testified and advocated for AI regulation.

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