Twitter CEO still buys $ 10,000 in Bitcoins every week

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Article | Liang Yushan

Mars Finance APP (WeChat: hxcj24h) front-line report , May 12th, according to news, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey said in response to questions from netizens, he is still using the Cash App’s Bitcoin to the maximum. Purchase limit, that is, 10,000 US dollars of Bitcoin per week. (Note: Cash App is a product of payment giant Square)

In fact, as early as March 2019, Jack Dorsey had said that he would personally vote for $ 10,000 in Bitcoins every week through the Cash App. According to estimates, Dorsey may have invested at least 520,000 USD in the Bitcoin market.

In addition to the scheduled investment in Bitcoin, Jack Dorsey also supports Bitcoin developers and is a firm believer in Bitcoin. In an interview with the Times in March 2018, he bluntly predicted that Bitcoin will become the only global currency in the next ten years.

Not only that, Jack Dorsey also announced in February this year that Twitter has added a bitcoin (BTC) emoticon, and @character standard organization Unicode, hinting that it will update the symbol representation as soon as possible to include bitcoin. At the time, the proposal was supported by multiple industry insiders such as Elizabeth Stark, the Lightning network development company Lighting Labs. (Note: Unicode is an industry standard in the field of computer science, including character sets, encoding schemes, etc., developed by international organizations)

As of press time, BTC quoted $ 8,749, up 1.43% in 24 hours.

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