Top IoT Coins of the Week (July 18-24)

The Internet of Things is a technology that, while not fully pervasive, refers to the fact that even now, there are billions of physical devices around the world connected to the Internet, all collecting and sharing data. Due to the ubiquity of wireless networks and the very cheapness of chips, it is possible to make every device part of the Internet of Things. Connecting objects made and used for different purposes and adding sensors to them adds a level of Crypto intelligence, allowing them to transmit real-time data to otherwise unintelligent devices without human intervention. IoT makes the world more responsive and smart by combining the physical and Crypto worlds.

In this article, we will review this week’s list of the best IoT coins.

Cortex (CTXC)

Top IoT Coins of the Week (July 18-24) 2Cortex (CTXC)

Cortex is a project that uses and develops machine learning to support decentralized applications and smart contracts, and it also focuses on artificial intelligence. The project has an open source ecosystem that encourages AI developers and researchers to share AI technologies, and has a large open library. Developers can use the Solidity language and ready-made AI models in Cortex’s storage layer to support AI-enhanced smart contracts and dApps. The CTXC token, priced at $0.142, has gained 30.1% in the past 30 days.

Streaming XDATA (XDATA)

Top IoT Coins of the Week (July 18-24)3Streaming XDATA (XDATA)

Streamr XDATA focuses on facilitating seamless data exchange and data monetization. Using smart contracts to speed up the data transfer process, Streamr uses Ethereum’s P2P network to transfer real-time data. The Streamr Stack is a hierarchically organized collection of technologies designed to optimize Streamr. The Streamr network consists of five blocks that support uninterrupted data transfer. Data Market, Streamr Editor, Smart Contracts, Streamr Engine, and Streamr Network are the five modules. This is a powerful project with details ranging from data flow hubs, to programming tools developed for the project, to smart contracts that optimize the relationship between market participants of network information.

The XDATA token has gained 33.3% in the last month and is currently trading at $0.0342.

Waltonchain (WTC)

Top IoT Coins of the Week (July 18-24)4Waltonchain (WTC)

Waltonchain is a provider of advanced supply chain management options for enterprise clients. Waltonchain combines numerous cutting-edge technologies to achieve this function, seamlessly integrating RFID, IoT and blockchain technologies. The project, inspired by RFID inventor Charlie Walton, aims to enable these protocols to operate as a global leader in the supply chain services industry. With the help of IoT, the supply chain industry itself can be transformed. The WTC token has gained 33.7% over the past month and is currently trading at $0.229.

VIDT Data Link (VIDT)

Top IoT Coins of the Week (July 18-24)5VIDT Data Link (VIDT)

VIDT Datalink is an ecosystem of users creating Crypto data, documents and art on the platform. The creation of data and documentation is accomplished using hardware devices and services provided by VIDT. Publishers can run any cloud service that connects to the VIDT API. APIs provide the most cost-effective, efficient, and easiest way to use this data integrity platform. Compatible with all major programming languages, the API can easily connect to any business software platform. Thanks to the VIDT smart contract, the publisher of each file can be identified, and the crypto fingerprint of the file can be recorded on the blockchain. VIDT NFTs are created with the help of smart contracts.

The VIDT token has managed to appreciate 96.1% in the past 30 days and is currently trading at $0.324.

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