TON Foundation Announces First Community Ambassador and Appoints Manuel Stotz to Board of Directors

The TON Foundation announced today that three of the most noteworthy members of the TON community will be officially recognized, with two becoming public ambassadors for the TON ecosystem and one entering a board position. This official recognition is the result of their great contribution to the TON ecosystem.

In continuing its pursuit of mass adoption of blockchain technology, the TON Foundation will now work closely with these community ambassadors to increase the accessibility of TON-based projects and enhance the value of the TON blockchain. Tal Kol, co-founder of Orbs and Hexa, and Oleg Andreev, co-founder of Tonkeeper and core developer of the TON blockchain, used their expertise to create and develop TON-based projects that want to use blockchain technology to solve real-world problems. Problems – world problems. Orbs Network empowers developers by creating critical infrastructure, and Oleg’s work at Tonkeeper provides users with safe and secure non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets.

The Ambassadors will continue their existing great work within their respective companies and projects, but with a more intimate relationship with the TON Foundation.

When asked about the news, TON Foundation founding member Steve Yun commented:

Kingsway Capital founder Manuel Stotz will join the TON Foundation Board of Directors, joining board member Bill Qian to continue the impressive growth of the TON ecosystem and facilitate the mass adoption of Web3. His support for the TON ecosystem is crucial, commenting that “

This announcement is the latest in a year in which the TON Foundation has been involved in numerous partnerships and many exciting developments for TON. After seeing TON’s native token, Toncoin, listed on Huobi and KuCoin, independent developers on the TON blockchain built a P2P marketplace within Telegram. This allows seamless trading of Toncoins between users within the Telegram app itself. The most notable project, however, is Telegram’s recent launch of a tokenized username marketplace based on the TON blockchain, where individual domain names sell for over $1 million. The TON Foundation will look ahead to 2023 as it continues to fulfill its mission to bring millions of users to Web3 with various exciting developments planned in the new year.

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