TON early investors: Telegram closure project is force majeure, estimated to recover 7 costs

The Mars Finance APP (WeChat: hxcj24h) reported on the front line that on May 13th, in response to the ” Telegram’s blockchain project TON closed “, Keyden Capital Executive Director Jayden Wei revealed that “Telegram suspended the blockchain project for objective reasons. It is force majeure. Investors should receive about 70% of the principal. Compared with many other projects, Telegram is already very conscience. “

As an early investor in the TON project, Jayden Wei said when talking about Telegram fundraising, “In fact, Telegram has followed very strict compliance from the first day of fundraising. Only qualified investment talents can participate. In the round of fundraising, only large VCs can vote, not VCs in the currency circle, but traditional VCs. “


(Jayden Wei, Executive Director of Keyin Capital)

Jayden Wei then further revealed that KeBin Capital is the LP (Limited Partner) of Token Fund, a subsidiary of Tim Draper (Note: The Godfather of Silicon Valley). KeBin has received a US $ 500,000 amount to participate in the first round of fundraising for the TON project.

“TON was indeed a giant whale project at the time, and the futures of Gram (TON project token) were fired several times. However, I saw the futures return to zero today. I am now more worried that some other U.S. projects will not be able to survive. Way. “

Regarding the advice to investors, Jayden Wei pointed out that the investment in the primary market is still a very professional matter, and the past wave of ICO speculation has passed. Ordinary investors invest in the primary market without professional judgment and legal assistance, and are likely to be deceived. It is also difficult for ordinary investors to find good opportunities for primary investment.

“For institutions, the ICO era has passed. With Bitcoin halving, how to grasp the new round of trends, the right track determines whether it can still gain a foothold in this industry in the next four years. After all, after 18 years, Many peers, so-called institutions, have disappeared. “

In the secondary market, Jayden Wei advises ordinary investors to hold their coins with peace of mind and not to use leverage.

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