This Crypto Whale Made 3.9M TRY & 46M TRY In 2 Weeks: Here Are The Altcoins He Bought

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Cryptocurrency markets have had a volatile week, with the leading cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTC) up 1% over the past 24 hours. BTC is still below $27,000, which is taking its toll on altcoins. While altcoins overall have been underperforming, some altcoins appear to have made millions. Crypto whales have seen incredible uptrends in a short period of time.

Which Altcoins Have Millionaire Crypto Whales Bought?

According to information shared by Dami-defi, an unnamed cryptocurrency whale managed to raise its $180,000 fund to $2.1 million in just 2 weeks. Looking at the on-chain data and wallet movements shared by Dami-defi, we can see that whales have invested heavily in 5 altcoins. The giant whale, which achieved a 562% increase in 2 weeks, seems to be using its funds well.

The whale’s first choice is Refund (RFD). Whale bought RFDs with 73% of its portfolio and set aside $95,000 for a total of 17,932,070,956 RFDs. In a short period of time, the whale increased this capital to $1.3 million and made $1.246 billion from a single altcoin investment. Whale made this purchase on May 20th.

The second-largest cryptocurrency in the whale’s portfolio is Ethereum (ETH), which is the second most valuable cryptocurrency by total market capitalization. While Whale doesn’t make much from ETH, which he allocates 11% of his portfolio, it appears to be used exclusively for altcoin trading. The whale lost about $6,000 as a result.

The unnamed investor has Rebate (RBE) at No. 3 at 8%. The RBE, which the whale bought for $182,000, has risen to $150,348 as of today, which nets a total of $170,000 when taking into account previous profit-making sales. Whale first bought the altcoin on May 23 and held it for a short time.

Meme Coin Fury continues with BEN

The fourth “fish” in the whale’s portfolio is Ben. BEN made up only 2% of the investor’s portfolio and made a net profit of $275,000 on the $42,000 purchase. The whales were collected on May 8, waiting to rise.

Mystic Whale leaves fifth place to CLAVELL with a 1.5% capital share. The $6,700 buy left the whale with a total net profit of $29,200 and CLAVELL’s total capital of $35,900. Whale earned $11,813 and $20,931, respectively, by acquiring NOMAD for a 1.1 percent stake. The wallet address of the whale was shared as “0x03770b07c5c315722c5866e64cde04e6e5793714”, it is believed that this mysterious investor will attract more curious investors.

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