There is no doubt that Ethereum has been underestimated

The blockchain is gradually legalized and rationalized, and there may be no profit in the future, but the blockchain will go further and further:

1. Blockchain technology is beginning to be recognized by countries all over the world. Today, global science and technology are sluggish and stagnant.

2. The use of blockchain technology is extremely difficult, and the talent reserve is scarce. It is unrealistic to use it in all walks of life in advance, and finance is the only breakthrough in the short term

3. Blockchain technology will inject new blood into the dilapidated global finance, and the development of the securities industry for hundreds of years also needs progress and development, and even growth.

The importance of Ethereum in the blockchain industry is particularly prominent:

First, Ethereum represents the pinnacle of blockchain technology, far surpassing various other coins or chains; it is like ranking all coins in a single score. .

Second, under the interference of Bitcoin’s reputation, Ethereum has been neglected for a long time. Although it is widely known in the circle, it is almost wild outside the circle.

Third, the Ethereum team has a strong human resource reserve, and the strong is always strong; the biggest tragedy in the world is that what you think is the specialty is just the daily work of others, just like many people can show off their faces on the news network once. It’s been awesome for three years, but it’s just a tiresome job for journalists.

Fourth, the new technological innovations represented by Bitcoin, Ethereum, Infinitecoin, BitShares, and Antshares were only replicated in 2017, and there was no complete progress and expansion; only Ethereum did not stop. Technological advancements and new challenges have not been disoriented by market value.

Fifth, in 2017, under the continuous policy pressure and market pressure on the financing and financing activities, the fees basically reached the freezing point in 2019. These so-called frauds or officials are irrelevant. The important thing is that they have failed; High-quality projects and persevering projects will be further recognized. The 100-meter sprint is over. The next step is to re-integrate capital, manpower, and scale. Start the kilometer competition or start the marathon long-distance race under the guidance of the government. Who can To stand out, it depends on strength, talent and perseverance.

Sixth, OK and Huobi, which have the strongest capital strength in the blockchain industry, have not made sufficient progress and development in blockchain technology, and the two years have been almost stagnant; all of which indicate the difficulty of blockchain technology It ’s not enough to rely on funds alone. To put it bluntly, true high-quality technology cannot be measured by money, especially the cutting-edge technology in the frontier field of blockchain.

Undoubtedly, Ethereum has been underestimated, and many people suspect that the future behavior of currency fusion will continue to be suppressed or stagnate. In fact, it is completely unnecessary; social innovation and development, any new things will be suppressed for a long time, and then According to its normal trajectory, the behavior of financing and financing will rise again in the near future. The role of Ethereum is beyond doubt!

Twilight analysis

BTC: After a wave of highs, the pie will enter a short callback period, and during this period, there will be the impact of bitcoin production reduction, so the probability of this wave of callbacks will be further deepened. Therefore, there will be a wave of rushes before the halving, and the callback will start after the rush. Everyone who enters the spot market can wait. If you want to be short-term Bitcoin, you can consider entering the market.

ETH: Originally, ETH will have a strong rise. However, it was sucked by the pie. Not only did it rush up and not rush up, but it also had to link with the pie callback. For the time being, everyone is mainly watching and watching

EOS: From Brin ’s point of view, it has entered a narrow buckle channel. The recent grapefruit is in a sideways adjustment period. From the MACD point of view, there will be a small drop, so it is best to wait and see for the time being.

ETC: Just wait and see

XRP: The market does not appear, do not participate

BSV: shock period, not considered

BCH: It has always been a stand alone show, but the upper limit is not high. Friends who are short-term can consider shipping.

ZEC: The daily chart MACD has the momentum of wearing a gold fork, you can consider entering a small position

XMR: small position

TRX: shock period, no participation

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