The youngest Bitcoin rich! At the age of 18, already has 401 bitcoins worth 3.3 million US dollars

Let me share with you a story about inspirational teenagers who make their fortune in Bitcoin ~

I wonder if your friends remember Erik Finman?

It was the little boy who made his fortune with this bitcoin, the youngest bitcoin millionaire in the world!


Speaking of Finman, he had to mention his fortune history.

When Finman was 12 years old, when his grandmother sent $ 1,000 red envelopes to his grandchildren, Finman did not take the money to buy toys and snacks like other children, but instead took a fancy to the Bitcoin market. Do not hesitate to spend all the $ 1,000 of this net worth on the cryptocurrency that has just started!

Of course, this did not disappoint him. Two years later, he sold his bitcoin at $ 1200 per piece and earned $ 100,000. . .


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It is worth mentioning that when Finman was 12 years old, the price of Bitcoin was $ 12 per piece.

In two years, it has appreciated 100 times. I have to say that this little brother’s vision is really poisonous ~

When someone interviewed him, he said: “Everyone is optimistic about the development of cryptocurrency and thinks that it will make money, but they don’t realize that it can be an investment. People say that it will reach 100 US dollars one day, or 200 US dollars. , Or to reach 10,000 US dollars or 1 million US dollars. They all say so, but almost no one really believes this. “


Soon after, Bitcoin became everything for Finman.

He hates going to school, and he doesn’t want to see teachers. “The school is not suitable for me, and even a teacher told me to go to McDonald’s to work,” he said.

In the end he dropped out completely, but he did not immediately accept any work with short-term jobs. On the contrary, he spent hours online studying the fluctuations of Bitcoin.

At the beginning, the cost of a bitcoin was about 10 dollars. After that, he exchanged $ 1000 for 100 bitcoins, and later through his efforts, it grew to hundreds of bitcoins.

“It’s like in a game where you try to collect more and more points. And I am collecting more and more bitcoins.”

At the age of 15, he sold about $ 100,000 worth of Bitcoin and started his online business, connecting students like him with very different thinking to virtual teachers all over the world. Most importantly, his new business accepts Bitcoin as payment.

The valuation is the same, as more and more people begin to hear the news, Bitcoin has been rising.

“When it rose to $ 20, I was very excited,” Finman said. “When it reaches $ 100, then $ 300, these are milestones in the sense.


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On December 15, 2017, a bitcoin reached its highest point of 17,900 USD. Finman owns 401 bitcoins, worth roughly $ 3.3 million.

Finman has reached an agreement with his parents-both of whom hold a Ph.D. The agreement is that if he completes his first million before the age of 18, he will not have to go to college.

Yes, he did it, did what we always wanted to do when we were kids, and went on a trip around the world.

Finman used to be the headline of themed articles on mainstream media sites such as Bro Bro. Most of the titles read “The 18-year-old high school dropout is now a millionaire, thank you for investing in Bitcoin.”


The 18-year-old Finman already has 401 bitcoins, and according to the current market, it is converted into RMB to calculate a proper tens of millions of gangsters ~

What would you do if you had so much money?

Of course people do n’t just think about villas and tender models like me vulgar people.

After that, Finman founded an online education company called Botangle for $ 100,000. Its main business is to provide an online education platform for students who do not want to study in school.

Soon after, someone took a fancy to the company and was bought for 300 bitcoins. . .


Finman is now preparing to embark on an investment path, but of course it is just the beginning.

Finman wrote on Twitter: “Deep inside, everyone knows that cryptocurrency is the future. Even bankers and Wall Street know this. The only thing worth arguing is how long it will take to win completely.”

So according to the youngest bitcoin millionaire in history, can the future of cryptocurrency win?

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