The future of crypto assets

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency has had a very important impact on society. However, cryptocurrencies still face many challenges. For some experts, what is the future of cryptocurrency?

As more and more people understand cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular. Similarly, some companies have begun to view cryptocurrency as an effective means of trading or storing value .


It is hard to imagine what the future will be without cryptocurrency. Here are some experts’ opinions on cryptocurrency.

Ivory johnson, founder and financial planner of Delancey Wealth Management, believes: “Cryptocurrency will destroy traditional finance. Because one of its most attractive benefits is the ability to effectively transfer payments across borders, with almost no cost, delay or foreign exchange fluctuations. .”

In addition, he added: “As far as Bitcoin is concerned, 50 years is a long time. It may become the world’s reserve currency, or it may become the next AOL.”

In addition, as investors become more and more interested in cryptocurrencies, financial advisers feel the urgency of providing investment exposure to their clients.

Professor of English and journalism, Frederick Kaufman, author of “The Conspiracy of Money: A History of the Charm, Control, and Manipulation of Money,” believes that overnight, Bitcoin is more than just a speculative tool. It becomes something that can protect wealth from economic conflict .

“As early as 2071, the U.S. dollar will have more in common with cryptocurrencies than silver or the U.S. dollar.” Therefore, there is no need to doubt the longevity of the crypto field.

In addition, he added: “As our lives get closer to the Crypto world, the drive to capture tokens will only accelerate.”

Dan egan, vice president of Behavioral Finance and Investment at Betterment, believes that “cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have proven to be very useful for currency movement and speculation, and they are unlikely to disappear.”

In fact: “ It’s worth considering where and how we will produce energy to meet demand . If the state sees it as a competitor to power, it will make it more like a product of the black market.”

Dragan Boscovic, a professor of computer science research at Arizona State University (ASU) and director of the Blockchain Technology Research Laboratory (the project aims to promote the development of applications based on blockchain technology) believes that not all cryptocurrencies are negative Yes, some good news has brought a glimmer of hope to this market.

The central bank authorities are busy formulating regulations on cryptocurrencies. They recognize that cryptocurrency is the origin of the Crypto economy. Therefore, in the next 10 years, Crypto currency is gradually becoming the mainstream currency .


According to Boscovic, although cryptocurrencies are relatively new, they have existed for nearly a decade, enough to allow the development of a new technology.

The professor further stated: “The industry now sees an opportunity to provide new assets for trading, which expands the range of options for investors.”

Voyager CEO Steve Ehrlich believes, ” Investors are still optimistic after the recent market adjustment, which is encouraging .”

“The vast majority of our broad investor sample is more confident in the future of cryptocurrencies. This fact shows that people see the fluctuations in many crypto assets in May as opportunities.”

What is the future of cryptocurrency?

It is true that as long as people maintain their trust in cryptocurrency, the prospects of cryptocurrency will continue to be optimistic. Moreover, its value will increase in the same proportion as its demand.

In this regard, Joséngel lvarez, chairman of the Venezuelan National Cryptocurrency Association, pointed out: “Support for cryptocurrency depends on something called trust .”

The future of cryptocurrency is still up in the air. At the same time, companies, experts, and investors must understand this in depth. If you decide to bet on cryptocurrency, be prepared to face any possible situation.

The article ends with a quote from Allison Reichel: “Bitcoin is really a thing, and I believe it has the potential to completely change the currency system around the world .”

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