The Federal Reserve continues to make troubles, confirming a 25 basis point rate hike, and firm short orders are once again perfect stop profit!

I publish my personal opinions on mainstream currencies every day. I can’t control how the market goes, but I can give a relatively stable entry position through intraday indicators, which can reduce the risks in the transaction and increase the probability of profit. According to the pressure and support positions within the day, the degree of stability will be very high. Remember to strictly stop loss and take profit. Different opinions are welcome!

Click to watch today’s analysis layout: the Federal Reserve continues to make troubles, confirms to raise interest rates, and firm empty orders are once again perfect stop profit! How to do it at night?Let’s watch the video explanation

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He is good at tactics: the tactics of the little bird depending on the person, the tactics of four-star mochizuki, and the tactics of crossing Chishui four times. And have full practical experience, short-term and long-term combined layout!

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