The Ethereum Goerli testnet activates the Shapella upgrade, and there are still verification nodes that have not yet been upgraded

ChainCatcher news, the Ethereum Goerli testnet activated the Shapella upgrade at 6:26 on March 15, and the verification node participation rate was only 29% when the block was triggered. During a YouTube livestream, Ben Edgington, head of product at ethereum client Teku, suggested that the low participation rate may be due to validators not upgrading to the Goerli fork in time. Ethereum core developer Tim Beiko tweeted that the Goerli testnet is processing deposits, but some verification nodes have not yet been upgraded. One of the challenges with digging into testnet validators is that given that ETH is worthless, there is less incentive to run a validator/monitor it. Another possible reason is that a large number of withdrawal credential changes were processed at the fork. Given that this is the first time people are committing these changes, there is more to process, which could lead to lost blocks/proofs on low resource nodes. In addition, Ethereum developers will hold a conference call from 22:00 to 23:30 on March 16 to determine the Shanghai upgrade date of the mainnet. (source link)

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