The development direction of blockchain privacy protection mechanism

With the development of network technology, users are increasingly concerned about privacy issues. Unlike traditional technologies, blockchain is a decentralized ledger, and user personal information does not need to be submitted to a third party, which has a natural advantage in protecting user privacy. The open and transparent data information on the chain has caused new privacy protection issues. The report compares the advantages and disadvantages of the blockchain privacy security mechanism, deeply discusses the current plan to improve the blockchain privacy mechanism and prospects the future development direction of the blockchain privacy.

Summary of the main points of this article:

-Compared with traditional technologies, the decentralized features of blockchain technology have banned users from relying on third-party high-trust organizations and improved user information privacy.

-Blockchain improves the privacy of users through peer-to-peer communication, decentralization, and address anonymization. However, the transparency of data on the chain also provides attackers with a way to obtain and analyze user data.

-Improve the security and privacy mechanism of the blockchain from the network layer, transaction layer, and application layer, which correspond to: the network layer can be used to verify the security of the node, use an anonymous network; use the mixed currency mechanism, zero knowledge in the transaction layer Proof and other technologies; the application layer chooses blockchain and other methods with high security and privacy mechanisms.

-It is difficult to achieve perfection with a single privacy protection mechanism. In the future, the improvement of blockchain privacy security can be considered from the direction of cooperation of multiple security solutions. At the same time, the accelerated development of cryptography and the integration of off-chain capacity expansion schemes and privacy mechanisms also provide more possibilities for improving user privacy security.

Disclaimer: This report only conducts investigation and research based on market objective data. The cited data has tried to be accurate and rigorous, but it cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate and cannot be used as a personal investment reference.

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