The DeFi Narrative Resurrection Takes a Look at Several “Low-Risk, High-Return” Farming Opportunities

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DeFi has ushered in a good season of yield farming (yield farming).

If you are looking for high-yield opportunities in stablecoins and mainstream assets, please don’t miss this thread. I will share some good DeFi farming solutions next.

What needs to be stated in particular is that yield farming in the DeFi world cannot be completely free from risks. Smart contract loopholes, rug pulls, impermanent losses… these potential risks will always exist. What you should do is to face up to the risks and manage them correctly – diversify your funds and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

1. Convex Finance, pETH – ETH pool

pETH is an ETH derivative asset issued by JPEG’d Protocol. Users can mortgage their NFT and lend pETH on the JPEG’d Protocol, thereby releasing the liquidity of their NFT value.

Currently, if you deposit liquidity in the pETH-ETH pool and stake the corresponding LPs tokens on Convex Finance, you can get a 28% APY reward.

The DeFi narrative is revived, taking stock of several

Since the price of pETH is anchored to ETH, the pool basically has no risk of impermanent loss.

The main risk of this pool is that since the value of pETH is backed by the NFT pledged by users, when the price of NFT used as collateral collapses on a large scale, JPEG’d Protocol will have bad debts if it fails to liquidate effectively. The odds are not high, but if that happens, pETH could break out of the peg.

2. Vela, VLP

Trading volume on decentralized derivatives exchange Vela has exceeded all expectations since it went live last month.

VLP is a liquidity proof token on Vela that can be minted using USDC. VLP minters will be rewarded based on the transaction volume of Vela, the current staking APY is greater than 120%, including 60% platform fee income and 10% funding rate income.

The DeFi narrative is revived, taking stock of several

It should be noted that since Vela’s operating mechanism is essentially matching traders and liquidity providers (VLP minters) to bet against each other, if traders always win, VLP stakers will suffer losses. However, as long as the transaction volume of the platform remains high, VLP will be a good opportunity to earn USDC interest.

Given that the Vela team has already previewed the next series of actions (trading competition, beta airdrop, official launch, etc.), the transaction volume of the platform is expected to continue to grow.

3. StakeDAO, frxETH

This is another high-yielding opportunity for ETH, with an annualized yield of about 22%.

frxETH is a liquid pledged derivative token launched by Frax Finance. Its income mainly comes from the CRV incentives obtained by Frax Finance in the Curve liquidity pool by using the huge veCRV voting rights in its hands.

The DeFi narrative is revived, taking stock of several

If you deposit frxETH into Stake DAO, the protocol will deposit it into the Curve gauge, and further increase the incentive by locking CRV in the CRV Liquid Locker.

According to DeFiLlama, the pool has averaged an APY of 15% over the past 30 days.

4. Velodrome, LUSD – MAI pool

The farce of the past few days has proved one thing, that is, we need truly decentralized stablecoins, rather than relying on centralized stablecoins such as USDC. Both LUSD and MAI belong to this category, and LUSD can only be generated by staking ETH for minting.

The DeFi narrative is revived, taking stock of several

Currently, the strategy is yielding 17.5%, compared to an average APY of 14% over the past seven days. Not as high as the previous few, but at least LUSD and MAI seem to be “stable” as stablecoins.

Here’s my recent roundup of high-yielding opportunities that have proven relatively safe over time.

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