The 4-hour Bollinger Band narrowed in the broader market. This week’s news surfaced, and there was a fierce competition between long and short positions.

The unreachable moon is always the most beautiful; the unreachable wind is always the fastest; the unreachable person is always the best. No matter how beautiful the scenery is, it is in vain; no matter how deep the feelings are, it is empty talk if it does not belong to you. No one’s life is going forward with thorns. When you fall, when you are upset, when you taste tears, please don’t give up easily, because there is never a kind of persistence that will be let down. Please believe that your perseverance will eventually be beautiful.

Hi, I’m Gege, a trader. The article has not been updated for a while, and the circle of friends is sometimes updated. Today, Auntie Dabing’s empty order strategy is given at the top, and short-term gains. Briefly talk about the market situation of the market, the pie broke through the upper edge of the box at 20500, was blocked at the 21000 line, and went to the M double top in 4 hours. Although it broke the box, the temporary structure is not necessarily very optimistic for the bulls. The weekly level of Bollinger is narrow, and the market is blocked by the middle track. If it does not break the middle track and stabilize, then there is a risk of temporarily peaking. The space above the breakout stabilization will not be very large, and there is room for 3000-5000 points. There is news this week, the old routine, the main player of the dealer will have another wave of market reshuffle, so don’t trade impulsive, be careful to fall into the trap of the main player. The daily level Bollinger Band opens its horn, and the K line rises with a retracement. It is a healthy trend after all. Keep this trend. If the Bollinger Band fully opens the rising channel, then the market will continue to test the next resistance level, otherwise it will not stand. Stable 21000 line, then it will fall back to the box again. The MACD double-line crosses the 0-axis, there are signs of turning head, the volume column is retracted, the KDJ is blocked at the 90-value line, and there is a tendency to form a downward crossing. Whether this interval can be maintained, if it breaks, the lower edge of the box will be tested again. The 4-hour Bollinger Bands have limited space for narrowing and narrowing. This week’s competition for long and short positions will be fierce, and risk control must be done well in operation. Short-term suggestion, if the 21000 line is blocked twice, then the short position will move up the 21500-21800 line, and the long position will depend on the support interval given above. Alright, that’s all for today, see you next time! The suggestion is for reference only, do a good job of risk control when entering the market, and grasp the profit space and stop loss space by yourself. The specific strategy is mainly available for consultation.

Effort is not to impress anyone, nor to show anyone, but to make yourself able to jump out of the circle you hate at any time, and have the right to choose, and live your life in the way you like. Keep going forward, don’t look back. Let nature take its course, and the heart will gradually become clearer, the older the time, the weaker the heart. Effort is an attitude to life, regardless of age. Therefore, no matter when, you must not indulge yourself, find excuses for laziness and procrastination, and be strict with yourself. Over time, hard work will become a psychological habit and a way of life.

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