Telecom giant Deutsche Telekom partners with Polygon

  • Deutsche Telekom has joined Polygon as a network validator.
  • Deutsche Telekom MMS, a subsidiary of the telecom giant, will provide staking services for Polygon POS and Supernets.
  • Deutsche Telekom MMS provides verification and staking services on chains such as Ethereum, Flow and Chainlink.

German telecom giant Deutsche Telekom has recently aggressively expanded its footprint in blockchain technology, having partnered with Polygon, Ethereum’s leading layer 2 scaling platform.

On Wednesday, Deutsche Telekom announced that its subsidiary Deutsche Telekom MMS has joined Polygon as an authenticator — one of only 100 authenticators on the Polygon POS network.

In this case, Deutsche Telekom MMS will participate in the Polygon ecosystem by providing staking services for Polygon’s PoS sidechain and supernet. This will be achieved by deploying full nodes and generating blocks as part of promoting network security, governance and decentralization.

As a validator, the company will also help strengthen the Ethereum network.

Deutsche Telekom backs Ethereum and other POS networks

The partnership is a key step in Deutsche Telekom’s commitment to help the blockchain adoption process, with Polygon being the latest POS chain to add the company as a validator.

Deutsche Telekom MMS already provides authentication services for several POS networks. As CoinJournal highlighted, the telecom giant launched an ethereum validator last September, following a “merger.” Other blockchains it supports include Chainlink, Q, Flow, and Celo.

“The partnership with Polygon is an important step for Deutsche Telekom MMS to fully leverage the potential of blockchain technology and enable applications suitable for mass deployment. Deutsche Telekom MMS also supports Polygon staking, contributing to the security and decentralization of blockchain ,” said Dirk Röder, Head of Deutsche Telekom’s Blockchain Solutions Center.

In a statement, Polygon Labs Chief Operating Officer Michael Blank said the partnership will enable more businesses to take advantage of Web3 and blockchain technology, and those businesses will leverage Polygon’s network to empower consumers.

As Ethereum’s leading scaling solution, Polygon’s protocol suite includes zero-knowledge rollups, sidechains, and application-specific chains.

The blockchain platform currently hosts tens of thousands of dApps with a daily transaction volume of more than 3 million and holds $1.2 billion in total value locked (TVL) assets. Some of the largest projects in the cryptocurrency industry, such as Uniswap, Aave, and OpenSea, run on Polygon.

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