Tanglun Jiepan 5.30: BTC frequently turns small to big V, how to grasp it?

BTC has been oscillating for more than half a month since it hit a callback low on May 13. The magic trend of the oscillating market for more than half a month, anyone who has been following the market for a long time will feel powerless and difficult to control. big! This feeling is like when you feel that the market is about to harden and rush in one direction, suddenly a plate of cold water pours over, and it softens instantly.

What is the reason? Let’s take a look at the 30-minute chart below to find out:

It can be clearly seen from this picture that there are a total of eleven line segments up and down for a 30-minute upward trend type, among which there are 8 line segments that involve obvious small changes to large ones! Why small to big? That is, when there is a large-scale rise or fall inside the line segment, there is no divergence and there is a buying and selling point, but a direct V reverse! These market reversals are directly caused by the 30-minute line segment turning point at the sub-level within 30 minutes, that is, the buying and selling points within one minute. Therefore, these market conditions are very difficult to grasp, and we can only simply use the center shock strategy to deal with them: buy below the center and sell above the center. Awe the market! In the volatile market, you can’t do transactions with one-sided thinking. Chasing ups and downs is often beaten by the market repeatedly. When the market cannot understand the trend and the trend is not clear, give up trading, move less and watch more, and only make models that you can grasp and have a high winning rate.

Looking at the current market, the market that has fluctuated for a long time yesterday ushered in an upward break through the 30-minute center to the upward departure period, and the right and wrong went up against each other. But it is obvious that the small to large again appeared and went directly to V from 28447. Therefore, in the current market, you can’t take heavy positions to gamble in one direction. To intervene in transactions, you must use flexible position management to deal with complex market trends.

Look at the 4-hour chart first. After breaking through 27666 in the early morning of the day before yesterday, the structure can be optimized in advance as shown in the figure. From the low point of 25811 to 28447, it is re-optimized into a 4-hour upward line segment. At present, it is necessary to focus on the end of the 4-hour upward line segment. The high probability will still constitute the third selling point of the center, that is, the center’s departure segment. It is good to protect the loss and prevent the market from suddenly turning to plummet.

Looking at the 30-minute chart again, it is now very close to the upper edge of the yellow center after turning from a small high point to a large V. It is a potential three buying points, and the high probability of the day is mainly a rebound. However, the downward correction from the high point is a bit deep. Even if the three buys are established, the height of the rebound again is relatively limited. Regardless of whether the 28447 high point is broken or not, once there is a 30-minute selling point spot and long orders, it is recommended to reduce the position.

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