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Coinbase NFT: The First Step in the Web3 Social Market

On April 20, the beta version of the Coinbase NFT Market was launched. Specific test users can buy or sell NFTs. The Golden Finance experience found that most pages can be freely accessed except for the inability to log in. From the displayed page,…
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Six ways to make more money in NFT trading

Note: Recently, two professors from the University of Chicago wrote a paper “Investor Experience Matters: Evidence from Generative Art Collections on the Blockchain”. By analyzing the transactions of 692 NFT series and more than 300,000 wallets, they found that experienced All NFT…
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3 factors that affect the scarcity of crypto

When you buy an NFT, such as the very popular BAYC (boring ape) and Moonbirds (moonbirds), you have actually defaulted that the number of these Crypto assets has been limited to a value range (such as 10,000), they cannot be forged. Is…
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What is GEM? A NFT transaction aggregator

Author: Product Association Will   NFT ecological pain points 01 ◦ One of the main problems with purchasing NFTs is that users are limited to purchasing only one NFT at a time. To purchase NFTs for a high-quality item in bulk, users must…
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A war rips off the fig leaf for Web 3 and NFTs

On February 24, the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine officially broke out. In the past week, in addition to the military and financial pressures in the real world, Russia has also faced “artillery fire” from the Internet world. Meta and Google,…
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Why NFT creators enter the SEC’s “regulatory radar”?

The recent negative reports on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have exposed a lot of problems with cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based assets. A major feature of NFTs is that they allow users to buy and own Crypto assets. Just in 2021, NFTs are gradually taking the world…
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Why do players who interpret traditional games hate NFTs?

Written by Donovan Choy, Independent Researcher Source: Bankless Players of traditional games hate NFTs. Last November, gaming giant Ubisoft  announced plans to introduce NFTs as in-game wearable props in its classic Tom Clancy game series . At that time, the related video promotional video released by the…
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Financialization of NFTs: How can holders maximize their benefits?

Original author: Nichanan Kesonpat, 1kxnetwork Compilation of the original text: Bai Ze Research Institute While  NFTs  have been around since 2017, they were originally used for a fringe use case (collecting CryptoKitties) within the crypto community. Yet four years later, we’ve seen artists, designers, game developers ,…
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Do you know how safe and reliable NFT projects are audited?

NFT Project Audit Overview NFT is the abbreviation of “Non Fungible Token” in English, which translates to non-fungible token. An NFT can be understood as a unique unit of data stored on the blockchain [1]. Whenever we talk about NFT tokens, we will naturally draw…
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