SushiSwap project introduction & who stole Uniswap traffic


To put it simply, SushiSwap copied Uniswap and made some improvements to the revenue distribution model to distribute seemingly more benefits to liquidity providers.

In short, SushiSwap used Uniswap’s flow pool to make a pen in advance!

At present, Sushi has launched a total of 13 mining pools, all based on Uniswap flow pool. The first pool is the Sushi/ETH local currency trading pair with double mining speed, while the other pools have different mining speeds. For details, please refer to the statistical tool to give the value, and there are links to related resources at the end of the article.


The following is an introduction to the SushiSwap project:


In the two years since its launch, ? Uniswap has consolidated its position as one of the main forces of DeFi. At the same time, their protocol design has become a standard, and many projects will be inspired by its mechanism.
Therefore, we design SushiSwap as the next step in Uniswap protocol design: evolution. Based on Uniswap’s elegant core design, we have added community-oriented features, which we believe will help improve the design of the protocol and provide further benefits to relevant actors.

Protocol design

? Incentive mechanism for liquidity providers

Of course, many people may have a natural question, that is: “Why should anyone provide liquidity for SushiSwap instead of Uniswap?” Why would anyone want to provide liquidity for SushiSwap instead of Uniswap? “

In Uniswap, liquidity providers will only earn transaction fees from the pool when they actively provide the above-mentioned liquidity. Once they withdraw part of the funds in the pool, they no longer receive this passive income. In addition, with the promotion of the agreement, although they are early liquidity providers, as risk funds, exchanges, mining pools and other (bigger and richer) stakeholders join the agreement with large amounts of money, their profits It may be diluted.


Through SushiSwap, you can also provide some liquidity to the pool and earn rewards in the form of SUSHI tokens. However, unlike Uniswap, these SUSHI tokens will also give you the right to continue to earn part of the cost of the agreement, accumulated in SUSHI, even if you decide not to participate in the provision of liquidity. As an early participant in helping provider liquidity, you become an important stakeholder in the agreement.

The income from the bet will be proportional to the number of LP tokens you bet and the total amount of LP tokens you bet. Unless you continue to provide liquidity, your holdings and corresponding rewards will gradually be diluted.

Token distribution

We know that many of us are existing liquidity providers in the Uniswap pool. In view of this, we have designed a token distribution mechanism so that existing Uniswap liquidity providers can start migrating to our protocol as easily as possible! Our token distribution mechanism is a good choice.

To start providing liquidity and earn SUSHI tokens, anyone holding Uniswap LP tokens can bet these LP tokens into the corresponding initial pool list. Once completed, they will start earning tokens after 10750000 blocks. The list of eligible LP tokens can be added according to the governance of the chain.

In each block, 100 SUSHI tokens will be created. These tokens will be evenly distributed to gamblers in each support pool.

However, for the first 100,000 blocks (about 2 weeks), the production volume of SUSHI tokens will be 10 times, so each block will mint 1000 SUSHI tokens. This is to incentivize early farmers and adopters of the agreement, and to help with mobility migration.

The initial available pools include:
CeFi stablecoin: USDT-ETH, USDC-ETH
DeFi stablecoin: DAI-ETH, sUSD-ETH
loan agreement: COMP-ETH, LEND-ETH.
Synthetic assets: SNX-ETH, UMA-ETH.
Ponzinomics: AMPL-ETH, YFI-ETH.
Local currency pool (2 times reward): SUSHI-ETH

SUSHI/WETH pool can get double the amount, so you must provide your SUSHI to uniswap to be eligible for additional yumminess?. Once SUSHI is online, the community can vote to add more eligible pools or change the SUSHI weight of any pool. You decide!

Reward distribution

In the current Uniswap configuration, 0.3% of all transaction fees in any pool is proportionally allocated to the liquidity providers of the pool. In SushiSwap, 0.25% goes directly to active liquidity providers, while the remaining 0.05% will be exchanged back to SUSHI (obviously through SushiSwap) and distributed to SUSHI token holders.

Ensure the sustainability of the project (aka development fund)

Let us ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of the project. According to @LawMaster’s suggestion, every SUSHI distribution will set aside 10% of funds for development and future iterations, including security audits. Hope the community will not mind feeding us some ? dinner.

Larry Cermak @lawmaster:

If some talented developers (let’s assume someone like @AndreCronjeTech) fork everything, slightly change the brand and release a token, and eventually allocate about 90% of the supply to LP, what can Uniswap do? Uniswap is an absolute beast, with a great team, but what can they do?

Liquidity migration

In the first 100,000 blocks (about 2 weeks) after the establishment of the agreement, we will migrate all liquidity tokens to the SushiSwap contract. This migration will involve staking all Uniswap LP tokens on SushiSwap, redeem the corresponding token pairs on Uniswap, and initialize a new liquidity pool from these tokens. These new pools will be almost the same as the standard Uniswap pool, with the additional feature that any costs incurred will be distributed to SUSHI token holders through the above logic.


Once the migration is complete, the converted liquidity will provide fuel for the first group of SushiSwap pools, and the agreement will be put into operation immediately. The dealer does not need to do anything, and will continue to receive SUSHI token rewards from the provision of liquidity and move on.

Agreement purpose

At the protocol and smart contract level, SushiSwap and Uniswap share the same interface. This means that if your protocol is currently compatible with Uniswap, integration with SushiSwap should be relatively simple. We will work with various DeFi and other ecosystem tools to start integrating SushiSwap.

security audit

Safety is very important to us. We have reasonable unit test coverage and have tested everything to run on the testnet.

We invite companies such as Trail of Bits, PeckShield, OpenZeppelin, Consensys, Certik and Quantstamp to audit the contract. The first company to confirm the review of SushiSwap on its official Twitter account will win the job. We promise that after your confirmation, we will immediately pay 5 ETH current savings for this audit.

The contract you want to review will be all the contracts in the SushiSwap smart contract library. The URL of the contract library is

At the same time, the farming contract of The MasterChef has not been reviewed, but it is very simple and most Solidity developers can understand. Please read the contract thoroughly before investing in LP tokens! Everything is in the BETA version, please use it at your own risk.

Smart contract

These smart contracts can be viewed at, using the ?WTFPL license. Part of the code comes from other projects, including Uniswap / Yam / Compound / OpenZeppelin, and is authorized by them. The following is a list and general explanation of the contract:

? SushiToken: token contract with voting function of COMP/
YAM??‍? MasterChef: deposit LPs tokens into SUSHI
farm? SushiMaker: collect income, convert to SUSHI, and send it to SushiBar
? SushiBar: mortgage SUSHI, and earn Get more SUSHI?
?‍? Migrator: Migrate MasterChef LP tokens from Uniswap to SushiSwap
? GovernorAlpha + Timelock: Governance content copied from Compound
? UniswapV2: UniswapV2 smart contract, but with minor changes to the migration

How to participate

You can start depositing LP tokens to the MasterChef contract through the following interface:


We borrowed most of the UI code from Yam. You will earn SUSHI accurately starting from 10750000 yuan. Please bet with LP tokens before then to get the maximum benefit.

PS: Actually, it has already started. Mining started around 00:00 on August 29.

related resources

Mining address:

Revenue of each mining pool:

Token address:


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