Struggle for Survival: Layer-1 Edition

Struggle for Survival: Layer-1 Edition-1

Aptos starts at less than 10 transactions per second. Well, that’s some way off the promised 160,000 transactions per second. Every layer 1 blockchain is a “game changer,” at least until they start to catch fire.

Somehow, Ethereum still manages to be one of the best layer 1 blockchains among the countless “Ethereum killers”. I know this sounds different to the ears of a random airdrop hunter who just received 700 Aptos and sold them for $7 each. That said, there will be some losses anyway, and more money will be added after a while. But by the way, it’s free. That’s a good compensation for one of the harshest crypto winters I’ve witnessed.

The Sui blockchain is on the way, and Cristiano Ronaldo would be proud. Heard he had an NFT deal with Binance. It would be a good coincidence if he launched his own “rare” series on the Sui blockchain.

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Struggle for Survival: Layer-1 Edition-2

Shhhh, you can hear this from every corner of the stadium or from Crypto Twitter.

Aptos is somehow no longer a game changer, it launched only a few weeks ago and we’ve finally put the “Ethereum killer” phrase down. Space moves on; from Solidity and Rust to “mobile”

The same year launched two mobile blockchains with super-rich VCs. Even if these chains don’t do any good in the end, they will certainly stretch a few pockets. We can consider this a victory.

The 2021 pump tide supports cross-chain and its redesigned copy of the UniSwap DEX. Even dead projects from 2017 can be rebranded with the “Swap” suffix, kick off a liquidity mining program and score roughly 10x before returning to their previous positions. Anyway, all is well and the crypto influencers are having a good time there.

I’ll probably write a few more paragraphs after this but before that; what’s your favorite layer 1 blockchain? A quick guess; the one that can see the airdrop. Airdrop hunting used to be about social media missions, now it’s about testnets. Upgrade, really. Even novice internet gamers can run some testnet nodes and make a quick buck; sell off at launch and head off to find the next game changer.

Lots of layer 1 blockchains, but the field is still looking for the next big thing in smart contract blockchains. Gavin Wood is close to Polkadot. Sam and any other members of the Solana team have done a plausible job on the Solana blockchain. Cool Blockchain You might want to check their schedule to get a feel for it before closing for the day. Ten days, four days off, a balanced two-week roster.

Struggle for Survival: Layer-1 Edition-3

The pun is intentional… Anyway, not sure if anyone will laugh at this.

If we get serious, maybe we can look back and check how innovative the new layer-1s are created every day. A well-written white paper and some UI designs for “games” on the official website. Then, millions of dollars were raised in ICOs and IEOs. Just like the dotcom bubble, blockchain developers are the next bloodline of billionaires…and meme influencers.

It will only take a few months for the “game changer” to be flooded with meme coins and shady “otherworldly” NFTs, and of course; several exploit and exit scams.

We’re definitely going to have conversations about the multimillion-dollar VCs in these projects. But that’s when I wake up from my last cup of coffee. Don’t count on the SEC investigation report by any means. I just need to know how to fund my writing career. Maybe DAOs can. or a Tier 1 writing platform. Perfectly well-funded layer-1s had a hard time staying in the Ethereum killer discussion while I was drafting my proposal and whitepaper.

Not sure who came out on top.We’ll know then, and until then, I really want to say, it feels so good to be writing on this platform again

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