Solo miners mine another block of Bitcoin


On March 10, a lone miner added block #780 112 to the first crypto blockchain, which was announced by CKPool mining pool administrator Con Kolivas.

According to, he received 6.25 BTC in rewards and 0.63 BTC in commissions, totaling more than $153,000 at exchange rates at the time of writing.

“A miner of this size solves a block every 10 months on average, but they [биткоины] These two days have just been mined solo. Unbelievable luck,” Colivas wrote.

According to data from Glassnode, the computing power of the network at that time was 308.2 EH/s (smoothed by the 7-day moving average). Miners’ share of the indicator is about 0.002% or 6.7 PH/s.

On the bitcoin forum, a user named Pineconeeee acknowledged his success. The miner thanked the pool’s creator, calling it “good luck” and saying he was from Russia.

According to, after the next recalculation on March 11, the mining difficulty peaked at 43.55 T.

Recall that in January, a single Bitcoin block was mined by a solo miner with a hardware hashrate of just 10 TH/s. Its share of the computing power of the network is 0.000000036%.

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