Soaring 101% in a week! What exactly is ANJ?

What is ANJ

ANJ is called Aragon Network Juror, which is the working token of Aragon Court.

The Aragon Court is the backbone of Aragon’s network jurisdiction. It consists of numerous jurors who are motivated to arbitrate disputes between community participants. Jurors need to hold ANJ to participate in the work of the Aragonese court. The generation of ANJ is cast by ANT through the joint curve.


The “Food Chain” of the Aragon Court

With the growth of the Aragon economy and the number of transactions, the demand for Aragon court services will also increase. The demand for jurors to resolve disputes is proportional to the number of disputes and appeals. Mortgage ANJ increases the possibility of being selected as a juror It also increases the possibility of getting rewards from jurors.

“Bitcoin is the evolution of money, and Aragon can become the evolution of the government.”-Tim Draper, Draper Associates

ANJ status

The current price of ANJ can be viewed through the following link:

In addition, ANJ will also be driven by the following two factors:

ANJ Supply Drive

To know the current total supply of ANJ, you can visit ANJ’s contract page on the blockchain browser, such as Etherscan. Its supply is affected by the following factors:

-Total supply of ANT. Due to the joint curve relationship between ANT and ANJ, the maximum supply of ANT is determined by the current total supply of ANT.

-ANJ is mortgaged and activated to increase the cost of the jurors. By activating the ANJ, jurors increase the likelihood that they will be selected to participate in disputes, as well as their likelihood of earning income.

ANJ demand driven

As a working token, the demand for ANJ may be affected by the total income that Aragon court jurors may earn in the future.

-The volume of transactions between DAO and DAO on the Aragon network.

-The value of these DAO storage assets on the Aragon network.

-Aragon Network DAO Committee.

Aragon court and ANJ simulation

A community member, Placeholder, shared some of their thoughts about ANJ, which may be helpful to those who wish to build a simulation model for ANJ.


It may happen that when I sell my ANJ tokens, the price I get is lower than the purchase price I originally got, so am I losing money?

After the launch of the Aragon Court on February 10, 2020, the price of ANJ will change according to market demand and the setting of the ANJ joint curve. At any time, the price of ANJ may be lower or higher than the price when you bought ANJ.

What is the current total supply of ANJ? What is the maximum supply?

The current total supply can be viewed on the ANJ contract page on the blockchain browser, such as Etherscan. Due to the joint curve relationship between ANT and ANJ, the maximum supply of ANJ is determined by the current total supply of ANT. According to the current total supply of ANT, the maximum supply of ANJ that ANT can obtain is locked on the joint curve. It is 350,868,849 ANJ.

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