Short-term long-term sentiment is high, how will the follow-up market go?

Fed Minutes: Some participants said a slowdown in rate hikes could reduce risks to the financial system, while others argued that a slowdown in rate hikes should wait for more progress on inflation. Given the uncertain lag in monetary policy, participants argued that a slower pace of rate hikes would better allow the FOMC to assess progress towards its goals. As monetary policy approaches sufficiently restrictive levels, participants emphasized that the ultimate goal of the federal funds rate has become more important than the pace of rate hikes. Participants generally noted that risks to the inflation outlook remained tilted upward, and agreed that inflationary pressures showed little sign of easing.

The Fed will not slow down raising interest rates until inflation is effectively alleviated. However, once the Fed starts to slow down raising interest rates in the future, it will inevitably bring a wave of good market prices, which is beyond doubt.


U.S. stocks opened higher yesterday, breaking the hourly downward trend, and it is expected that they may continue to strengthen in the future.

Brother Hua believes that the rate hike should not be slowed down in the short term, and if the rate hike or rate cut is slowed down in the future, it will inevitably bring a wave of good market prices. Calling back today’s market, the sentiment of short-term long-term has been brought up. This is all inertial. It is expected to rebound upward for a while, and it should reach a position close to 18,000.


The Ethereum linkage market is stronger than the market, and there is a potential for further rebound in the short term. Those who have not participated will not participate for the time being, and wait for the opportunity to be empty in the middle line.


LTC’s current hourly and daily upward trend remains intact, and has the potential to continue to rise, but Brother Hua suggests that those who have made more profits should pay attention to pocketing in batches, after all, it is only a rebound!


If the op participates, hold it for a while, and there is still a chance to rebound to around $1.


The rebound of chz is not very strong, and a short-term breakthrough of 0.187 will cause a small burst.


dydx bottomed out with three needles, broke through the neckline, and the hourly level began to rebound. Participants can pay attention to the trend of the hourly level. As long as the hourly level does not break through, you can hold it.


It is quite possible for ht to rebound in the past few days. It is recommended to participate in the rallies to take profits in batches.


Doge will not be too strong as long as Musk does not call for orders, and the linkage with the market will be the main one.


The price of usdt has stabilized for the time being. Once the market bottoms out and there are more people buying u, the price will rise. It is still a good choice to buy some u.

The above analysis is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice!

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