Shen Yingyue: A good attitude is the capital to do a good job in the next round of market

Shen Yingyue: A good attitude is the capital to do a good job in the next round of market

Today we will mainly talk about the issue of mentality.

Many people think that there is no problem with their mentality, and often attribute large losses to four words: the same source of profit and loss, but the actual situation, a large retracement is sometimes a precursor to the beginning of a deformed mentality

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

When you see that people in the group are bragging about their profits or how many times some people say how many times the rate of return has doubled, even though you have earned 20%, you are not happy at all, because you compare yourself with others. It’s too bad (but actually, do you really need to envy others? Investment is a race. It’s not only about how much your rate of return has risen, but also how much you can control the retracement.) This kind of mentality appears people tend to do more risky things to gain higher returns

2. After the account has made a large profit, if there is a drawdown of about 15% of the account at this time, there is no disturbance in your heart, and what to do if you continue. When the drawdown reaches 30%, you may I found something was wrong, but I was not convinced in my heart, I began to think, if I had been more cautious at that time, it would be great, and I began to regret, but the behavior is still how to do it, how to do it, because the outside is still full and doubled several times No matter what the reality is, you will always be full of positions, because the greed in your heart and the comparison with the outside world make you unconvinced

3. Do you feel that it is more uncomfortable to lose money than to lose money?

4. Do you feel uncomfortable when you have money in your account, and you have to top up the money every day to be satisfied?

To sum up, we come to this market to make money, this is no problem, but if you want to make a lot of money quickly in this market, especially when you want to seek superiority in this market (must be done by others with high yield) , I think your mentality has already begun to be deformed. Investment is your own business. There is no need to envy anyone.

Look at the market and others with an extremely calm heart, I believe you will be successful, and at this time your mentality must also surpass most people in the market, he will let others be strong, the breeze blows the mountains, don’t envy anyone, be yourself

With more than ten years of investment experience, he has received tens of millions of capital operations, is familiar with the operation of main funds, the method of washing and raising funds, and the methods of raising funds, and can achieve the unity of knowledge and action in fund management, position control, investment portfolio and investment mentality. Judging and analyzing market trends, proficient in various K-line technical tactics, and has deep insights into wave theory, shape theory, and indicator theory.

(Text/Shen Yingyue, I hereby declare that in addition to investment, life also includes poetry and distant places. The author is committed to the research and analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum and foreign exchange. He has been involved in the financial market for many years and has rich experience in real trading. The above analysis only represents personal thoughts , for reference only, does not constitute a basis for operation, and is responsible for its own profits and losses. Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market. For more investment skills and market discussions, pay attention to the VX public account “Shen Yingyue”

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