Shanhe Ge’s Discussion: Monday Summary and Midnight Bitcoin and Ethereum Operation Suggestions and Analysis Strategies

In the new week, starting from taking profit, the currency price ushered in a wave of rise in the morning as expected, which also perfectly captured the Dodan we planned on Sunday. The precise stop profit of 37400 won about 1000 points of space. Ethereum 2014 Detachi scored about 65 points of space. During the day, after steadily waiting for the retracement, the short-term Dodan entry was once again arranged. The pie was near 37070, and Ether was directly entered near 1997, 37400, and left at 2041. Once again, it gained more than 330 points of space and more than 40 points. Space. The biggest mistake in life is to constantly worry that you will make a mistake. The biggest obstacle at the moment is that traders are constantly worried that the market will correct again. No retail investor can change the market trend in this market, and this panic mentality will only make things worse.

Judging from the current market trend, the weekly market trend is also in the downward support retracement rebound. It is currently in an upward stage. Therefore, for the subsequent market, we can still continue to rise and see a breakthrough. Continue to wait for the subsequent market breakthrough. Okay, we are currently in the process of accumulating funds. Friends holding Dodan below can just wait for the subsequent breakthrough. From the daily line, the daily entity is full and a big positive line is pulled up. After the pin is inserted quickly during the day, it is also fast. The recovery of the long lower shadow line is enough to show the strength of the bulls, and the bullish thinking continues. Judging from the four-hour chart, the currency price is still gradually moving upward relying on the support of the 37,000 mark. It is now near the upper track. The support below the market is still moving significantly upward, so the subsequent market trend is still It is in a market that is accumulating funds and waiting for a breakthrough. In other words, after a short-term retracement, just wait for the subsequent upward breakthrough!

Midnight Pie 37200-37400 can be purchased directly, with a target of 38200, and Ether 2020-2030 can be purchased directly, with a target of 2100.

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