Scaleswap – IDO platform on Ethereum Layer 2

With the optimization of DeFi infrastructure, the number of IDO projects has also increased significantly recently, and more and more projects have chosen IDO methods for fundraising. In this context, IDO has become a keen IPO method for many blockchain projects. However, the current transaction processing capacity of Ethereum is slow and cannot keep up with the rapid growth of DeFi, so the low-cost and fast IDO platform is particularly urgent.

As the first IDO platform that combines DeFi and Ethereum Layer 2, Scaleswap can not only implement blockchain transactions, but also takes into account the security, finality and decentralization of Ethereum. If summed up in one sentence, Scaleswap is the next generation IDO platform that uses the Layer 2 extension protocol.

Why are you optimistic about Scaleswap?

(1) User-oriented, strong competitiveness

The core competitiveness of Scaleswap is mainly reflected in: institutional-level security features, decentralized capital insurance, a powerful reputation scoring system, hardware wallet integration, and user-oriented UI/UX, all of which provide significant improvements to the IDO experience.

(2) Fast transaction speed and low GAS fee

Scaleswap integrates Polygon’s (formerly Matic) Layer 2 solution, and fully customizes unique features to provide IDO participants with lower fees, instant transaction execution, and greatly improve the DeFi experience.

(3) Feed back Token holders

Token holders will enjoy multiple benefits, which are mainly reflected in the following three points:

a. Holders will have priority to participate in the fund pool or use advanced functions (such as automatic quota setting function);

b. Token holders can build governance organizations in ScaleDAO;

c. Token holders also have the opportunity to receive airdrops.

Smart contract audit

In terms of security, Scaleswap recently announced that the blockchain security company has completed the Scaleswap smart contract audit, and the code has not found any problems. At the same time, Scaleswap will also be audited by two to three other blockchain security companies, and the audit results will be announced in the near future.

Scaleswap highlights

Compared with IDO platforms such as PolkaStarter, Pools, and Trustswap, there are several mechanism-related differences that are worth noting. The main innovative advantages of Scaleswap are based on Ethereum L2, fast transaction speed, and low transaction GAS fees. This is also the basis of Scaleswap, and at the same time It has incentive measures such as community rewards, capital insurance, and airdrops.


The main highlights are as follows:

(1) Expansion of Ethereum Layer2: fast transaction speed and low handling fee;

(2) Institution-level safety functions;

(3) Decentralized capital insurance;

(4) Powerful reputation scoring system;

(5) Hardware wallet integration;

(6) User-oriented UI and UX;

Ecological cooperation


Currently, Scaleswap has partnered with Polygon to reach a strategic cooperation and provide comprehensive technical and market support. Polygon is supported by Coinbase and Binance. It is the leading Layer 2 solution in the Ethereum ecosystem, including sidechains (independent or shared security), ZK Rollups, Optimistic Rollups, and Plasma.

SCA token rights

Scaleswap is a completely token-centric project. Scaleswap (Token: SCA) has a multi-dimensional token economic system and supports multiple functions. The Scaleswap token is an important part of the Scaleswap ecosystem and will be used for all Scaleswap products and services. SCA will soon be released on Layer 2 and open to the public.

1. SCA token application scenarios

(1) IDO

SCA token holders will be allocated in the pool according to ScaleScore, and having enough SCA will ensure a larger allocation in the pool. (ScaleScore is the reputation score. The higher the reputation score, the greater the authority and limit to participate. The score is based on a comprehensive evaluation of the number of tokens held, the time of holding the token, and the number of tokens held by a node, not just the greater the number of tokens The higher the large quota.)

There will be two pools for each project launched on the Scaleswap platform. One is a completely transparent public pool that participates in project launches through a whitelist; the other is a private pool based on the ScaleScore scoring system, which gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the release of new projects.

(2) Governance function

SCA token holders will build governance organizations in ScaleDAO, and voting rights in DAO will be weighted on the ScaleSCORE system.

(3) Platform fees

Scaleswap pool interaction fees need to be paid by SCA, and SCA will be destroyed after each IDO.

(4) Airdrop

The airdrop distribution of participating projects will be calculated according to the proportion of each person’s participation.

(5) Rewards for liquidity providers

For block liquidity supply, liquidity providers will be rewarded.                                                 

2. Token Distribution Rules


SCA totals 25 million pieces, private equity 36%, team development 17.5%, DAO ecological reserve 12%, incentive fund 10%, partner 5%, consultant 5%, and others are seed angel round sales and liquidity provision.

Scaleswap development plan


According to the official website information, in the second quarter of 2021, the private equity round will be sold, and the ScalePOOL beta version will be launched; in the third quarter, the testnet V2 version will be launched; in the fourth quarter, it will be completely transferred to ScaleDAO and integrated. Public chain.

Investment agency

An excellent project is bound to be favored by many domestic and foreign investment institutions. Scaleswap has many VCs sought after, including A195, X21 Digital, Magnus Capital, Ascensive Assets, Spark Digital, Chronos, and of course some such as Mars Blockchain, INBlockchain, Chain Capital , Bixin and other local VCs.


IDO has received more and more attention from users in the encryption community, and it has become a more common way to issue new projects, raise funds, and acquire early users. Scaleswap integrates the latest DeFi functions and the Ethereum Layer2 expansion agreement into the IDO startup platform, bringing more chain rights and interests to investors, and the project value entry point can be said to be accurate. According to the roadmap, it is foreseeable that innovative transaction features and platform functions are bound to open the door for Scaleswap V2.

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