San Francisco police to be allowed to use ‘killer robots’

The San Francisco Police Department has a new policy that gives robots the ability to overpower suspects. Engadget reported on it.

According to the document, military-style weapons will be available to law enforcement officers.

“[Роботы] as a lethal option to use force when the risk of death to the public or officials is imminent and outweighs any other option,” the project said.

Members of the city’s board of supervisors rules committee have been considering the new policy for weeks, according to Mission Local. The original version of the document contained no language related to the robot’s use of lethal force.

However, supervisory board member Aaron Peskin included a clarification in the draft that “robots should not be used to use force against anyone”.

Some time later, the police department withdrew the project, replacing the amendment with a line that gave robots the right to kill suspects.

In the end, Peskin agreed with law enforcement officials because “in some cases, the use of deadly force may be the only option.”

The San Francisco Rules Committee unanimously approved the draft version. On November 29, it will be presented to the Supervisory Board.

Police currently have 17 remote-controlled robots at their disposal, 12 of which are in operation. They are also planned for “training and simulations, arresting criminals, major events, emergencies or during evaluation of suspicious devices”.

Recall that the San Francisco City Council voted in September to allow police real-time access to private security cameras.

In May 2021, the New York Police Department “fired” a Boston Dynamics robot because of its “aggressive and intimidating appearance.”

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