Ripple Announces Third Wave Winners of Its $250 Million NFT Creator Fund

Silicon Valley technology company Ripple announced the winners of the third round of its $250 million Creator Fund, encouraging more independent NFT creators to apply during the next round (round 4) for a chance to be a beneficiary of the funding program.

The development comes about four months after the leader in enterprise blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions announced a second wave of independent creators receiving funding for its Web3, non-fungible token (NFT) project through creators on Ripple.

Wave 2 winners announced last October include 9LEVEL9, Anifie, Capital Block, Cross-Metaverse Avatars, NFT Master, SYFR Project and Thinking Crypto.

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Ripple Creator Fund welcomes third wave of winners

San Francisco-based cross-border payments company Ripple recently pledged $1 million for Turkey-Syria earthquake relief and introduced the seven recipients of the third installment of its one-of-a-kind Creators Fund, according to an update on Friday.

Notably, in the third wave of the just-concluded Ripple Creator Fund, creators are focused on combining physical and Crypto experiences with real-world utility.

Seven independent and visionary non-fungible token (NFT) creators were selected from thousands of applicants, including Hot Import Nights, Adrian Balastegui, Emporio Records, Mike Sotirakos, Natacha Einat, Robert Chew, and TraumAmnesia.

While Hot Import Nights wants to use NFTs as tickets to events IRL and as exclusive merchandise only for NFT holders, independent label Emporio Records intends to use NFTs to engage with fans by offering exclusive access to album releases and pre-orders will tickets.

Romain Lohezic of TraumAmnesia said in response to being selected as the winner of Ripple’s funding program: “The arrival of NFTs has completely changed the rules of the game for creators. The transfer speed, carbon neutrality and simplicity of XRPL are the main advantages. As an artist , I’m excited to be involved in the development of this use case at scale.”

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About Ripple Creator Fund

The Ripple Creator Fund is a $250 million commitment to help creators bring their non-fungible token (NFT) projects to market on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

Launched in September 2021, the Creator Fund aims to grow NFT utility by providing independent creators with the financial, creative and technical support needed to explore and produce NFTs and other tokenization projects on the carbon-neutral XRP Ledger .

The innovative NFT markets and projects that Creator Fund has cooperated with Ripple include Mintable, mintNFT and VSA Partners.

According to Ripple, the Creator Fund has attracted more than 5,000 applications since its inception. “During the remainder of 2023, Ripple will double down on its support for this year’s previously announced winners to bring their projects to fruition,” commented the Silicon Valley tech firm led by Brad Garlinghouse.

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