Revolut: You can now buy bitcoin on the app in Europe

Revolutionary Bitcoin

The popular $33 billion fintech app Revolut announced today that it has received a license from the EEA regulator to sell bitcoin in Europe and the United Kingdom through its app.

Revolut has 17 million users in Europe and the UK, so these people will have the opportunity to buy BTC directly from the app. The European Economic Area where Revolut will be able to operate in this way includes 27 countries, which also includes the United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

In particular, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, CYSEC, has granted Revolut a license to operate, and Bitcoin will be sold precisely through the centers that the company will open in the country.

Crypto Regulation in Europe

Like all other companies in the cryptocurrency space, Revolut must now comply with the MiCA’s regulatory framework, which was published a few weeks ago and is expected to come into force in 2023.

It is already technically possible to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the crypto section of Revolut’s app, but now the company has an official license to operate.

Revolut’s services in the cryptocurrency world

For some time now, Revolut has been trying to enter the cryptocurrency space, simplifying access with prices organized on the app that also include prizes in the cryptocurrency space, especially in the Polkadot (DOT) space. Overall, a person can trade on Revolut with over 80 different cryptocurrencies, 22 of which were added a few weeks ago.

With as many as 850,000 users in Italy and over 20 million globally, Revolut shows that the potential for mass entry into the cryptocurrency space is indeed huge.

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