Researchers Say Cardano Is 8 Times More Decentralized Than Ethereum

According to cryptocurrency researcher Sooraj, Cardano’s network could be found to be “smart.” Decentralized is 8 times that of the Ethereum network. In the thread of the tweet, Sooraj highlighted how he came to this conclusion.

As he said the decentralization of validator nodes in a PoS blockchain is determined by the Satoshi coefficient or MAV (minimum attack vector). MAV is the minimum number of independent parties required to successfully coordinate a blockchain attack, which Cardano currently possesses. The MAV is 24 and Ethereum’s MAV is 3, a difference of 8 times.

With the Merge upgrade in mid-September, which caused the network to transition from PoW to PoS, Ethereum’s decentralization may be reconsidered.

Let’s compare.

According to Sooraj, validators are the network nodes that run the blockchain. Proof of Stake (PoS) by validating block transactions on the blockchain. This definition applies to all other blockchains except Ethereum.

In the case of Ethereum, there are two types of nodes: those that can contribute blocks and those that cannot. Commitment nodes represent only a small fraction of all nodes in Ethereum, that is, nodes of validators for a small fraction of all nodes.

Other nodes on the network, the vast majority of nodes, do not contribute blocks. However, it is true that it still plays an important role in securing the network by holding all block proponents accountable by listening for new blocks as they come out and validating them as they enter the network.

Therefore, Ethereum has two basic parts: validator nodes and validators. What happens in the Ethereum network can be summarized as follows:

When a validator creates and validates a block, the staked tokens are sent by the validator to the validator node.

However, the degree of decentralization of validator nodes calculated according to MAV shows that Cardano is 8 times more decentralized than Ethereum.


Source of information: Compiled from SIAMBLOCKCHAIN ​​by 0x Information.The copyright belongs to the author Kasamsak Wongsanin, and shall not be reproduced without permission

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