Renowned Economist’s Surprising 4-Digit Price Prediction For Bitcoin

Famed economist Peter Schiff, nicknamed the “Gold Bug,” drew attention in his post stating that Bitcoin (BTC) could drop to $3,800.

Peter Schiff recently shared a post on social media that was on the agenda of the cryptocurrency community. Responding to a post from MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, Schiff said that Bitcoin will fall below $4,000. Schiff’s first reaction to the post, shared by Saylor, was “what happens when your company loses billions?”, comparing investment vehicles like gold, silver, Nasdaq, and bitcoin. in the form:

What does it matter to MSTR shareholders when the company loses billions because of buying Bitcoin? If MSTR had bought gold, it would be in a much better financial position today.

While Saylor did not respond to comments, a user responded by sharing a post containing Schiff’s unsuccessful Bitcoin predictions from 2018, sparking discussion. In a post shared by a user, Schiff wrote that investors should not buy Bitcoin at $3,800 due to the possibility of a drop to $750.

Schiff, who couldn’t resist users thinking about the post years later, used the following statement in his response:

What will you do with this tweet when Bitcoin falls below $3,800 again?

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