RBIS expects to reach X37 by 2023


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The cryptocurrency market has had a rough year and a full recovery appears to be a long way off. As a result, owners of crypto assets are looking for a safe haven for their capital against market volatility. Ideally, the home they choose for their capital will allow them to put their money in, generate income with minimal risk, while waiting for the market to bounce back.

The cryptocurrency investment strategy that best fits this profile is automated cryptocurrency arbitrage, which ensures consistent, high returns, and no risk. To understand how it works and dig into its pitfalls and advantages, let’s take a well-known arbitrage project as an example.

The ArbiSmart project, powered by the native token RBIS, is an EU-authorized arbitrage trading platform that generates passive profits of up to 147% per year regardless of whether the market is up or down.

Even as the value of mature tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to fall, it is worth noting that the RBIS token has steadily risen, up 390% in the last month alone, and analysts expect it to jump to close to its current value by the end of the year. 40x Q1 2023.

Maximum return, minimum exposure

Automated cryptocurrency arbitrage platforms make money from price inefficiencies between exchanges. These are situations where cryptocurrencies are temporarily available at different prices at the same time. There can be a range of reasons for price inefficiencies, such as differences in trading volume or liquidity levels between large and small exchanges. These differences resolve themselves relatively quickly, but they occur frequently and with the same regularity in bull or bear trends.

To profit from these inefficiencies, ArbiSmart’s system is integrated with 35 different exchanges, and it monitors all available cryptocurrencies simultaneously 24/7. The algorithm can execute hundreds of trades at once in seconds, and whenever it finds an inefficiency, it simply buys on the exchange that offers the lowest available price, and immediately sells on the highest price to get out of the spread profit.

RBIS Economy

To fully understand how ArbiSmart users make profits, it is important to examine how the native token fits into it.

First, to be eligible to earn profits with ArbiSmart, your minimum account status needs to be Beginner Level 1, which requires a minimum of 1,000 RBIS. However, your remaining funds can be kept in Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Apecoin, EUR, GBP or any other supported currency.

The APY you earn from investing in Bitcoin or EUR depends on your account level, which depends on how many RBIS you have. Account levels range from Beginner to Advanced to Expert and then Elite. At the highest level, you not only get the highest profit percentage, but you also benefit from compounding.

In short, the more RBIS you have, the higher your annual percentage yield on crypto arbitrage on any ArbiSmart supported fiat and crypto investment plan balances. At any time, you can purchase more RBIS to upgrade to a higher account level and increase your profit percentage on your investment plan in USD, Ethereum or any other preferred currency.

Deposits for cryptocurrency arbitrage are locked in an investment plan for a preset period. You can decide to make a short-term investment of 1 or 3 months, or choose a long-term plan of 2, 3 or 5 years. The longer the plan length, the higher the ROI.

Investment plan balances can be in any of the 25 currencies supported, but your APY will be much higher if you choose to convert your balance to RBIS.

The last option is how to get the profits paid out every day. First, they can be sent to a separate balance that can be withdrawn at any time. Alternatively, daily profits can be sent to the original deposit in the locked investment plan balance. Here, the ROI is higher. However, profits are highest if paid in RBIS and locked in until the plan expires.

To use the platform, you need to spend about 10 minutes performing the following steps:

  1. Register with ArbiSmart
  2. Purchase at least 1,000 RBIS through the exchange or through the RBIS management tab in the dashboard with a few clicks.
  3. Deposit funds in one of 25 supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies
  4. Go to the Earn Interest tab and select the currency and time frame for your investment plan
  5. Choose how you want to get your daily profit
  6. Choose the deposit amount and confirm your investment
  7. Start earning daily profits

Disadvantages and advantages of arbitrage

The downside is that since this is an automated system, you hand over control to the other party. Your funds are locked in the system for a pre-agreed period with a pre-set percentage yield, so you cannot step in to redirect your funds to new, potentially more lucrative cryptocurrency opportunities because They will appear until the plan you choose expires.

Additionally, in order to qualify for cryptocurrency arbitrage services, platform users must have a minimum amount of RBIS, which means that for better or worse, a portion of your funds is tied to the overall fate of the project.

On the other hand, ArbiSmart’s automated cryptocurrency arbitrage platform has many benefits. First, it’s effortless. Once you have an investment plan in place, you can move on with your day. Since the system is fully automated, there is no need to be aware of the latest market events, tracking price movements 24/7. Second, arbitrage provides the perfect hedge against falling prices. Returns remain the same regardless of market conditions, providing a risk-free cryptocurrency investment opportunity. Consistent and predictable, profits can be calculated before deposits, and ArbiSmart percentages are among the highest in the industry.

Furthermore, as the token value continues to rise, RBIS holders enjoy huge capital gains in addition to the crypto arbitrage profits of up to 147% per year.

Other ArbiSmart Services

Analysts’ sky-high price predictions for the future of the RBIS token are based on several factors. First, the ongoing bear market trend has made cryptocurrency arbitrage an increasingly attractive option due to its relative stability and predictability. Therefore, as the economic downturn weighs on token demand, the already constrained, limited supply will shrink as more and more RBIS are withdrawn from general circulation to lock in investment programs.

With the launch of a range of new financial services in the fourth quarter of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023, demand may further outstrip supply in the coming months as RBIS is required to use all these new utilities.

By the end of this year, ArbiSmart plans to launch a mobile app for buying, storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies; a one-of-a-kind collection of NFTs; a global NFT marketplace and DeFi protocol with innovative gamification features, yield farmers will be able to use NFTs to Increase their APY. Then in the first quarter of next year, the project will launch a game with RBIS as the in-game currency to earn the game metaverse, as well as a professional cryptocurrency exchange.

Token usage will increase as these new utilities are released, and as the ArbiSmart ecosystem expands, having RBIS will provide various advantages. For example, RBIS holders will receive discounted transaction fees on cryptocurrency exchanges if fees are paid using RBIS.

ArbiSmart offers promotions within 3 days from the date of publication of this article. Newly registered ArbiSmart users will receive 1,000 free points, which will automatically place them in Beginner Account Level 1, making them eligible to earn profits from cryptocurrency arbitrage without having to purchase RBIS.

To benefit from the promotion, open an ArbiSmart account today

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