Precise prediction of aunt’s space order, and operation ideas for monthly closing customs

Good evening everyone, first of all, congratulations to my friend and auntie who followed the strategy yesterday and won the profit from the current price of 1630.

Today’s month line ends and the market is now waiting for the news to come to fruition. Brother Hai thinks that it would be a waste of words if he is still talking about the technical aspects today. In the next few days tomorrow, the price will definitely fluctuate moderately in the region, so that there will be a big harvest in line with the news. To put it simply, if you want to make a layout now, you must consider the direction. Although the weekly chart is biased towards the bulls, Hai Ge still maintains the previous point of view. Therefore, in the follow-up, we must be vigilant that the market will continue to break down.

The short-term big pie has broken through the middle rail again from the one-hour boll shock and fall, and there is a long counter-attack. Then you should pay attention to the bottom support 20486. and continue to suppress 20645 in the middle rail of boll for four hours. Simply speaking, one hour is an upward channel and it is still maintained. If you want to continue the bulls, you must break through the suppression of 20645 and stand firm. If you have such an idea, you will not be confused in subsequent orders. For example, we place a support rebound order at the bottom of 20100-20246. If the subsequent strong breakthrough is 20645, we can take more. Or the idea of ​​short-term shorting can also be reversed. If the low-order long order is not given, it depends on the suppression of 20645.

The auntie’s brother Hai will directly talk about his views first. The supervisor prefers to have a short-term decline. As for whether it is short at the current price or wait for the shock to go back and continue to be short, it is more inclined to be short after the shock and consolidation. Simply put, it is to continue to go up in the short-term to test whether the above 1600 can continue to break through, and then give enough time to go short. Brother Hai doesn’t like to do the news on the news, especially the news on the currency circle, the food is very ugly. In any case, I still want to talk about the current market situation. Auntie 1580 still has some support, and 1600 in four hours is also a high level of suppression. For operation, please refer to the operation method of the big cake mentioned above. That’s all for today, good night everyone!


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